of training was needed to do it well, he didn’t actually need to say that.

“But AI has already got 15 free throw opportunities in this game.”
The reporter reminded.
“Then he should get 25 times. You can’t deprive a player of the free throws he deserves just because he gets more free throws. That’s unfair.”
Brown continued.
The control over speech in the Stern era was relatively loose and not as perverted as the control in the future.
However, it is obvious that Brown’s remarks will not bring about any change. What Iverson cannot get can only be obtained by another No. 3 in Miami, a 9-point man and the owner of a private phone.
/“Allen, before the game I asked you if you knew Sun Yat-sen, and your answer was no. After this game, did he let you know him?”
A reporter asked Iverson. The same one who interviewed Iverson before the game.
“No, I don’t care. I only care about myself and the team.”
Iverson’s answer was cold, and he seemed to be in a bad mood.
“He scored 25 points and made that incredible long-distance three-pointer. Are you disrespectful to your opponent by saying that?”
the reporter then asked.
Iverson is the traffic in this era, and reporters are always trying to find ways to get things out of him.
And just like the psychological test report that Eisley told Sun Hao, he would always jump in because of his personality (there are some blind spots in his behavior that he cannot realize).
“I have no respect or fear of anyone,”
Iverson then replied.
His words immediately caused a commotion in the audience.
What he said was so arrogant. He was really arrogant and did not take everyone into consideration!
Sun Hao, who was scrubbing his scalp hard in the shower, probably never expected that this famous scene in NBA history would happen because of him.
After winning three consecutive away games, the Mavericks got on a plane to Miami.
This time Sun Hao didn’t wait for Eisley to tell him a story, because as soon as he got on the plane, Nelson brought out a whole box of beer.
He kept his promise and bought the whole team a beer!
Judging from the look of anticipation on his face, this guy was definitely looking for an excuse to have a beer together.
Can I drink alcohol on the plane?
If you are flying in business class, the stewardess will also provide you with bottle opening service.
Moreover, NBA teams generally charter flights, so drinking is not a problem.
Nowitzki and Nash’s eyes were already shining with anticipation.
After the wine was delivered, they couldn’t wait to open the bottle.
Duh, the Dallas Drunkards.
The wine comes in cans, old German dark beer.
Sun Hao did not drink it immediately after opening it.
One is really not good at drinking and doesn’t want to lose his temper after getting drunk;
the other is that this beer doesn’t have a barbecue, so it doesn’t taste good!
Old Nelson didn’t know when he sat next to him.
“Why don’t you drink?”
“I’m in a daze.”
Sun Hao saw Old Nelson hand over the wine can, picked it up, touched it,