ain, but after he finished pointing, he Another extra reminder.

ain, but after he finished pointing, he Another extra reminder.
“Ah? Okay.”
The girl’s expression was helpless, and she looked a little discouraged.
Sun Hao originally wanted to ask her parents, but after thinking about it, she decided against it.
Fernandez created opportunities for him to flirt with girls, not to make him a father.
“Then do you know of a place to live near here?”
the girl quickly asked.
She was unfamiliar with the place and met someone who could speak English. She regarded Sun Hao as a life-saving straw.
“There is a hotel two blocks over there. Did you bring your passport?”
/Sun Hao asked.
The girl nodded.
“Forget it, it’s not far anyway, I’ll take you there.”
Sun Hao now felt that this girl seemed to be a road idiot, and he would do whatever he wanted to do as a good person.
The girl stuck out her tongue and said thank you to Sun Hao. Obviously she also knew that her sense of direction was not very good.
After sending the girl to the door of the hotel, Sun Hao was ready to leave.
The girl looked about the same age as him. It was okay to exercise her abilities as a flirt, but if she really had to do something else, she was warned by the Protection of Minors Act.
“Wait a minute, I’ll treat you to a meal. Thank you for helping me show the way, and thank you for taking me to the hotel.”
The girl took the initiative to speak to Sun Hao.
Sun Hao looked at the time and saw that it was almost time to have dinner. There happened to be a Western restaurant downstairs in the hotel.
Besides, how could he refuse such a thing as free food?
The two arrived at the Western restaurant and started chatting after ordering their food.
Although the girl is a wanderlust, she is very open-minded and talkative.
Sun Hao felt an inexplicable familiarity with the girl, but after the girl said her name was Yoselin, he still couldn’t remember her.
If he had an impression of those in the United States, they were mostly actresses, but she didn’t seem to know anyone named Yoselin.
It may be just an illusion. After all, face blindness is sometimes a normal thing.
After the two people chatted more, the topic slowly expanded.
Moreover, Yoselin did take the initiative and began to share her work and the reason for coming to Spain with Sun Hao.
She is an actress and a child star who debuted very early.
However, the information coming out of her mouth was a little different from what Sun Hao thought.
In Sun Hao’s view, child stars who become famous at a young age should have a bright future, similar to five-star high school students in the United States.
But Yoselin said that she did not have a fulfilling childhood like ordinary people, and she started to be busy with acting very early.
/When she was not acting, she was preparing for acting. Day after day she was very tired.
So this time she specially recommended a movie and went on a trip to relax herself.
Just because of her age, she really didn’t have enough experience in this area, so she chose Spain, and she didn’t b