The business of Zhang Xiaojun’s rice noodle shop is said to be very booming!
/Just a few days after the booming business of Zhang Xiaojun’s rice noodle shop, it suddenly stopped working again.
Legend has it that the relationship between Zhang Xiaojun and his wife Jiang Mei was very bad, and the couple often quarreled.
Zhang Xiaojun’s rice noodle shop is about to collapse. Zhang Xiaojun owes so much debt that even “Liu Jinya” and “Li Erwa” can’t help but come to ask for the debt.
Many things are just rumors to Yu Xiaoqiong who cares about Zhang Xiaojun, and she also listens to what others say. Until the day “Liu Jinya” passed away, as one of the friends who was invited to the banquet, I witnessed Zhang Xiaojun fawning over “Liu Jinya” during the dinner, and later “Liu Jinya” angrily “Liu Jinya” with his hand wrapped in gauze said to Zhang Xiaojun. Ultimatum”, she finally understood Zhang Xiaojun’s real situation.
/“Zhang Xiaojun is really at the end of his rope!” Yu Xiaoqiong thought sadly as she looked at Zhang Xiaojun who was haggard, ready to cry, and full of resentment at the same time.
In the afternoon of that day, Yu Xiaoqiong took out her bankbook and regularly withdrew the 20,000 yuan she had in the bank.
When Zhang Xiaojun saw the 20,000 yuan Yu Xiaoqiong “Sister Yu” gave him in a newspaper package, he immediately trembled all over and started crying “wow wow” silently, thinking of his mother-in-law’s selfishness. , Regardless of the overall situation, thinking that an outsider who is not related to him can help his family in the most difficult time, Zhang Xiaojun’s tiger eyes immediately burst into tears, and the tears surged like crazy!
It was already six o’clock in the afternoon when Yu Xiaoqiong came to Zhang’s house on a motorcycle. Xie Decui, who was surprised and happy and wanted to kneel down to thank Yu Xiaoqiong on the spot, immediately said that she was going to Hualongqiao to buy groceries and entertain this “Sister Yu” who had been taking good care of her son since he started killing ducks in the big market. But Zhang Xiaojun waved his hand and said:
“What are you eating at the house? Are you angry? Sister Yu, let’s go, I invite you to eat on the street.”
Xie Decui immediately reacted, thinking of his angry daughter-in-law Jiang Mei who was lying upstairs. Immediately said: “I want it! Junba, please treat your sister Yu tonight! You sister Yu is really a great benefactor to the family! What kind of evil has Xiaojun done in his life? He encountered such a prodigal family. “Mother-in-law.” As she spoke, Xie Decui began to burst into tears and mourned.
Yu Xiaoqiong was startled by Xie Decui’s crying, and immediately comforted Xie Decui, telling her not to be sad. There is no obstacle in the world that cannot be overcome. For thirty years in Hedong and thirty years in Hexi, Xiaojun has always been quite capable. , she is very optimistic about him, but she has not had good luck in the past six months. When this bad luck is over, things will definitely turn around, and