my worries have disappeared.”

Yes, the self-regulation ability of the “audience” is still very strong… Klein secretly praised it, looked at the big golden retriever dog on the back seat of the bicycle, and then looked at the bicycle that was different from the same kind on the street. Asked casually:
“Is this a new bicycle designed just for women?”
“What does it mean to design for women? If you want to ride it, you can ride it.” Audrey responded with a smile, “I just told the people at the bicycle company to consider the different needs of groups. This is their latest product design. , it hasn’t entered the factory yet, let me try to ride it and make some comments.”
“What a great idea.” Klein praised with a smile, and then asked thoughtfully, “Do you know the owner of Backlund Bicycle Company?”
Audrey answered with slightly curved eyes:
“Of course, I am one of the major shareholders of Backlund Bicycle Company.”
The main shareholder… I had forgotten about this… She succeeded in the end… Klein seemed to understand something, the corners of his mouth raised slightly, and he shook his head in a self-deprecating manner:
“It turns out that my imagination is not rich enough.
“How was it? How did you feel after the test ride?”
Audrey held the bicycle faucet, turned her eyes slightly, and said while recalling:
“Great, great for women.”
Dear lady, that’s not what you said just now… Klein raised his eyebrows, but did not interrupt the girl opposite.
Audrey smiled again and continued:
“For me, it allows me to adjust my mood and release stress, just like riding a horse. However, riding a horse requires you to wear special clothes and go to a racecourse or the countryside. Just at home or on the street, you cannot let the horse run completely. When I get up, I lack the necessary feeling, but there is no such problem with bicycles. It can also go to small alleys that cannot be entered by horse-drawn carriages, which allows me to see different scenery. When I rode by a house just now, I saw several trees in their garden. The flowers are still blooming, which makes me feel very happy.
“Well, I am also very happy when I meet other cyclists. They are working hard in life with a little hope. Although they are busy and rushed, they are not numb at all. Okay, don’t laugh at me, I know you To be honest, those who can afford bicycles are definitely not at the bottom of society. I am simply happy because of them.
“I hope, I hope that one day, I can cycle through every street in Backlund.”
Klein listened quietly, his mood getting better little by little.
/Following Miss Justice’s description, it seemed that such a scene could already appear before his eyes, and this was an insignificant change he had brought to the world.
He laughed and said:
“No, I have no objection. It sounds interesting. This is what I hope to see in Backlund. The more, the better.
“I used to have doubts about certain things, but now they seem to be lessened.”
Having said this, he pointed to No. 22 Paisfield Street, the door of the