and boring at other times, and even disgusting for her with mysophobia. She enjoys it endlessly, happy and happy!

and boring at other times, and even disgusting for her with mysophobia. She enjoys it endlessly, happy and happy!
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After having such a meal alone, although Liang Ya did not promise him anything personally, there were some things that were more important to do than to say. The girl gave Wang Bo the answer he wanted most with her actual actions.
After his relationship with Liang Ya was established, Wang Bo found that he used to be a little restless and worried about gains and losses as soon as he arrived at school. This was an unprecedented, special, and comfortable state of mind that he had never experienced before.
Needless to say, when he was a student in his previous life, he had many crushes, crushes, and crushes. After graduating from college and entering the society, of course there will be girls that you like in the company, but these girls are either famous and have a master, or they have too high a profile. At first glance, they are the type that makes people shy away. The company’s ministers and managers, There are a lot of vice presidents and presidents, so it’s his turn to chase them.
/There are also women who he doesn’t like so much, but who are still pretty good even after Wang Bo lowers his standards for mate selection. Wang Bo also tries to contact and communicate with them. The early friendship stage was fine, but when he revealed that he wanted to “seek out for a relationship”, the polite rejection followed.
It can be said that for Wang Bo, who “has a heart as high as the sky and a life as thin as paper”, he has never had a true love that suits his own heart. Even the person he married in his previous life, his ex-wife, was just the product of self-compromise after recognizing reality. In his ex-wife, he could not find the kind of thing that made his soul tremble. Just a glance or meeting could make him satisfied and happy for a long time, something similar to a sense of belonging!
No, not even once!
And in this life after rebirth, he found it.
In the next few days, Wang Bo found that both his IQ and EQ were “declining” to varying degrees. He was completely immersed in the beauty of love. The days sometimes become unbearably long, and sometimes they fly by incredibly fast. In the process of meeting and taking turns with Liang Ya, he deeply understood Einstein’s theory of relativity about time. How long and short, fast and slow can be so different depending on the presence or absence of a person. After calming down, he felt incredible every time he thought about this.
In addition to these three periods of the day, sometimes, when Wang Bo misses the other person so much, he will re-take the old path he used to take a walk to “see the scenery”, walking slowly alone, outside the corridor of