to buy all the seasonings, he sweated profusely and lost his manners. Wasn’t it just to please himself and his family? ! The two extremely sumptuous lunches at noon were mostly due to him! He sweated so much, smoked so many cigarettes, and worked so hard, but what he got in exchange was his father’s lukewarm attitude and cold face. If it were him, he would have been wronged long ago. I must cry. But at that time, I still didn’t understand him, and even blamed him!

It wasn’t until Wang Bo was about to leave that Liang Ya suddenly realized that she had done a lot of things wrong today. She couldn’t say she had done anything wrong, but she had thought a lot of things wrong!
“Wang Bo, are you busy this afternoon?” After Wang Bo hung up the phone, Liang Ya walked up to Wang Bo and asked, her expression was sad and pitiful, and her eyes were full of reluctance.
Liang Ya’s expression frightened Wang Bo. He thought to himself, Xiao Nizi, your mother and your pedantic father are next door. If you look at me like this, aren’t you afraid that they will see the clues?
“Well, something happened! Some friends from out of town came over. Sorry, Liang Ya. I got out of the way first!” Wang Bo said to Liang Ya with a smile, and then said goodbye to Tang Jian, Han Lin and others, and let them Play slowly and spend time with the birthday girl today.
Of course, his words, without exception, attracted unanimous criticism from everyone, saying that he gave up halfway, was inhumane to the opposite sex, and took advantage of the opportunity to belittle the old person when he got a new person.
Wang Bo said goodbye to Liang Ya’s parents again.
/Liang Jingquan was playing mahjong with his brothers and sisters in the kitchen. He didn’t even raise his head after hearing the words. He just nodded inaudibly to show his understanding. Wang Bo felt “hatred” in his heart and thought, today will be my last time. I’ve come to your door. From now on, even if you carry eight sedans to carry me, I won’t come!
When he said goodbye to Cheng Wenjin, Cheng Wenjin was changing clothes in his dormitory. It was a tiring day for her today, and she finally had nothing to do in the afternoon, so she decided to change into something fresher and more casual. Seeing that Wang Bo was leaving just after lunch, he was startled, thinking that the little guy was still having a temper.
“It’s really something, why don’t you lie to Auntie?” Cheng Wenjin’s beautiful eyes turned, and she looked at Wang Bo’s face with suspicion.
It’s better to be mother-in-law!
/The concern and searching expression on Cheng Wenjin’s face made Wang Bo sigh again in his heart. The vow he had just made not long ago that “I won’t come even with eight sedans” was a little shaken. He thought, if that “hypocrite” is not here, If there are only mother-in-law and Xiaoya at home, you can come!
“It’s really a few friends who came here, Aunt Cheng! And they came from your university alma mater, Aunt Cheng! After all, they are still your junior sisters. If you don’t believe it, you can