and there are different symbols around each wheel.

With a glance of bright red and cold eyes, the giant snake rose into the air, bent its body above Berklund Street, and bit its own tail.
Its shadow casts over the entire neighborhood like a mysterious and exaggerated spinning wheel.
/Suddenly, Senator Macht, Mrs. Liana and several maids and maids in the living room of No. 39 Burklund Street stopped smiling, raised their hands at the same time, and took off the monocles on their faces. And let them transform one after another in his palms, turning into rays of light one after another.
Immediately afterwards, they either put on their decorative glasses again, pinched their eye sockets, or looked out the window leisurely, returning to their previous state.
Hazel fell to the ground. While watching this scene, she collapsed and shook her head. She supported her body with both hands and fell back continuously.
The Amon who was holding the “winner” Enuni’s eyes had gone cold. His crystal-like monocle was a little crooked, and he no longer had the feeling of looking down at Klein.
In addition, something was slowly being extracted from his body, forming a clear and thick but transparent and mysterious “worm of time” on the top of his head.
And this “worm of time”, in the “secret”, quickly transformed into a figure with black hair, black eyes, a wide forehead, and a thin face.
This is not the time of Berklund Street going backwards, because Klein, Leonard and others are not affected, this is the state of Amon itself a few minutes before the return!
“Snake of Destiny”, “Restart”!
Although there was a slight problem with the ups and downs of destiny predicted by Will Asceptin, which was slightly later than the actual time, the impact of His arrival from the air was so timely.
In exchange for the “Snake of Destiny” taking action, Klein not only fed him five balls of ice cream of different flavors, but also promised to make compensation and give him extra rewards. The result of their initial discussion was that Klein would find a way to make the ice cream himself. There are at least two items that can allow Will Auceptin to temporarily regain a certain strength during his weak period!
When Amon suffered this unexpected blow, Klein did not hesitate at all. He had already pulled out the “Death Knell” revolver, opened the hammer, flicked the wheel, and aimed at the enemy.
He calmly and decisively pulled the trigger of the “Death Knell” revolver and fired the “spiritual control bullet” that he had prepared long ago.
A stream of silver-black lightning flashed out, accurately hitting the phantom of Amon, who was wearing a pointed soft hat and a classic black robe. It also hit the “Insect of Time” – this was more powerful than anything Klein had ever seen before. “The Worm of Time” is both thick and clear!
/A slight light dissipated, and Amon’s shadow in mid-air trembled, frozen there, unable to make any expression.
At this time, Leonard, who had already arrived directly above, followed the old man’s instructions, s