ers bent twice in his direction. Then, he turned around like flying and headed towards the garage. Run.

ers bent twice in his direction. Then, he turned around like flying and headed towards the garage. Run.
The three bastards originally planned to keep fighting with Wang Bo, killing the pretty boy who only dared to hide under a woman’s crotch, but they didn’t want to be a coward all the time. The stuffy guy suddenly boldly waved at them to provoke them.
“What a bastard, I finally got a man!” the three bastards thought, but the next moment, the other party ran away, leaving the three of them stunned and stunned. After reacting, they yelled on the spot:
“I/ Damn! This man is a hammer! It’s still a pustule!”
“Chase, chase for me! Catch up and beat this bitch to death!”
“Kick him! Damn, there are four beauties around me, this bitch is not afraid of shortening his life. ? I will definitely kick this bitch in the face! It makes people jealous!”
The three of them cursed and followed Wang Bo in hot pursuit.
Wang Bo ran across the road and ran directly towards the garage under Deyijijia across the road, the only “deserted” place he could think of for the time being in Jiefangbei. The parking lot under Deyijiji was very large. Wang Bo deliberately did not go to the place where he parked his car, but walked towards another place in the opposite direction, deep inside the garage. While running, he was worried that he would be too far away and the three people behind him would not be able to see his shadow. He kept running and looking behind him.
“You bastard, stop for me!”
“Run, you run for me! There is a road to heaven and if you don’t take it, hell will have no door and come in! You are running to other places and I can’t do anything to you, but you run towards the garage. ! You are seeking death, no wonder we are!”
“Seeking death!”
The shouts and curses kept ringing behind Wang Bo, getting louder and louder. Wang Bo looked around and saw no one around except cars, so he stopped directly.
“Jiejie, run, why, why don’t you run?” Running two to three hundred meters in one breath made the three bastards, who did not exercise very strenuously, panting and tired as dead dogs. Especially the tallest and burliest “tattooed man” running at the front, standing about ten meters away from Wang Bo, with his hands on his knees, his mouth open, tongue sticking out, panting like a dog, obviously this time Very tired.
“Strong on the outside but strong on the inside!” Wang Bo said with disdain in his heart. He didn’t bother to say any more nonsense. He accelerated and rushed directly towards the fearless “tattooed man” at the front.
/The “tattooed man” was surprised when he saw that the “little pretty face” not only did not beg for mercy, but boldly rushed towards him and gestured, a look of disdain immediately appeared on his face.
“Don’t overestimate your capabilities!” The tattooed man spat out a sentence and raised the palm of his right hand, wanting to give the pretty boy a slap in the face.
However, he had just raised his right hand halfway, and before he could slap his hand out, he saw a black shad