together in the evening and have a simple two-river tour.”

together in the evening and have a simple two-river tour.”
“Okay, let’s call you by phone then.”
After Cheng Wenjin, Cheng Wenxuan and Liang Ya drove away, Wang Bo began to take his parents and Zhong Jiahui and her family went to visit Shuangqing.
/Before setting off, Wang Jichang was worried that Wang Bo had never been to Shuangqing and didn’t know the way, so he suggested that we all just take a taxi together.
Wang Bo directly reassured Wang Jichang, saying that he had studied the Shuangqing map all night last night and had basically memorized the entire Shuangqing road in his mind. Everyone could just follow him with confidence today.
/Because Cheng Wenjin and Liang Ya were not here, Wang Bo let Zhong Jiahui and his parents take his car when traveling. The couple made some concessions and wanted Wang Bo’s parents to ride in his BMW. However, Wang Bo’s parents adhered to the traditional virtue of giving all good things to the guests as long as there are guests around, making everyone feel at home, and for them The guests this time were a bit special. Maybe the two families would become in-laws in the future. They would not get in the car for the whole life, but instead pushed Zhong Jiahui and his family towards Wang Bo’s car. Wang Bo also called Zhong Jiahui to tell his parents to get in the car quickly. After the couple exchanged a few polite words, curiosity finally got the better of them, and they cautiously and excitedly got into Wang Bo’s BMW worth more than one million yuan.
On the way to YZ District, Wang Bo looked through the rearview mirror and felt that the couple Zhong Zhengjiang and Wu Caixia sitting in the back row seemed a bit reserved. They didn’t move much and behaved like primary school students listening carefully in the classroom. Once, when Zhong Zhengjiang wanted to touch the control button next to the car door, Wu Caixia slapped it away with her hand, and then gave Zhong Zhengjiang a stern look.
“Uncle Zhong, Madam Wu, if you feel stuffy in the car, open the window yourself! It’s the two black buttons on the door armrest. One goes up and the other goes down. Try it yourself! This car has only been brought for two days. The smell of leather inside is a bit strong.” After seeing Zhong Zhengjiang’s attempt to open the window being severely knocked down by Wu Caixia, Wang Bo reminded him after a while. Sitting in the driver’s seat, he could actually control the four doors conveniently, but he said so deliberately.
Because he had been treated contemptuously and without consideration, Wang Bo understood how important it is to have someone beside him to say a kind word when someone is treated in a similar way. It’s a pity that he didn’t get any help in his previous life. Wang Jichang followed his sister Wang Jifeng and scolded him with a black face, telling him not to mess around; the mother could only apologize for her son, even though his son had no fault; his uncle Liming De, who was driving in front, said nothing and drove the car away. His wife’s unreasonable lesson was taken as a