i said angrily: “You eat this, don’t come with me.” Grab it.”

i said angrily: “You eat this, don’t come with me.” Grab it.”
“Hee hee, I want it!” Wang Bo chuckled and spoke in a dialect. His mood was infinitely happy. He felt his shoulders itching, as if a pair of wings were about to burst out of the skin, and then flapped. , took him flying high, and at the same time, he seemed to hear another “pop, pop, pop” and the sound of countless glasses falling to the ground.
And his fixed gaze also attracted a series of dissatisfied eye rolls from Sun Li, but at this time, no matter how dull the person is, they can also find that the two of them are flirting and making eye contact, so one and two of them become like mourning. Biao was so lost that he didn’t know whether to get up and leave or continue to sit next to the goddess and read with the prince.
Halfway through the five-spice beef jerky, Wang Bo felt mischief in his heart. He reached out to open the cover of the book the girl was reading, and said with a playful smile: “What book are you reading? You are so fascinated by it. It can’t be “Once Upon a Time on Earth”, right? , do you also like to read science fiction novels? Isn’t that the first chapter of the masterpiece “The Three-Body Problem” written by Wang Bo, the first of the Four Heroes of the Early Tang Dynasty, who was reincarnated by a great talent that is rare in China for 500 years? I have heard about it for a long time, Hey, is it good? If it’s good, I’ll buy one anytime.”
Sun Li’s heart was already churning the moment she saw Wang Bo appear in front of her. How could she still be in the mood to read a novel now? Wang Bo’s words just made her find the way to leave. She closed the book and glared at him fiercely, saying, “Why are you so annoying? You don’t read the book but you come to disturb me!” Sun Li started as she spoke. After packing up his things, he put all the books and the uneaten pistachios into his schoolbag, and then threw the schoolbag towards Wang Bo. Wang Bo quickly grabbed it in his hand and slung it over his shoulder.
This throw of her schoolbag directly threw the pursuit of a group of potential suitors around her into the country of Java. The two of them walked out of the study room one after another, leaving only a group of fans who had finished before they started, “crying endlessly” and licking the wounds of despair.
“How did you know I was in the study room?” Sun Li asked after exiting the door of the study room.
/“It’s okay to ask.” Wang Bo told Sun Li what he had recently inquired about. In order to highlight his “several defeats” and “perseverance”, there was some exaggeration, especially when it came to the person who doubted his “Ming Ming”. When the tall girl was “building a plank road and spending time in secret” and “the drunkard is not interested in drinking”, she was “gnashing her teeth” and “angry”, looking like she was seriously injured and insulted.
“Pfft” Sun Li chuckled, looking very happy, and explained to Wang Bo, “That’s my roommate Yin Hong.” ”
Huh, that’s even more annoying! Shame! It’s definitely the bigges