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Having said that, the principle is the same, but people have their own positions. Although intellectually Wang Bo does not think Wei Shousong and Zhang Wei’s breakup is so innocent, Zhang Wei only What an unforgivable crime, but his current position must be on Wei Shousong’s side, making suggestions for his brother and striving for benefits and benefits.
“I thought it was a big deal, but it turned out to be this. It’s simple. I’m having dinner with my cousin at Ciqikou. After dinner, I’ll go back to school. I’ll give you the key then. You don’t have to live alone with your girlfriend. You can live there too. My bed is big, 1.2 meters, as you’ve seen before. It’s enough for your couple to have sex. As long as you take the sheets and quilt covers to the school laundry room to wash them. That’s it. Zhang Wei came so far to find you, so he must be mentally prepared to sacrifice himself. If he doesn’t do it now, when will he wait? A moment of spring is worth a thousand pieces of gold, don’t blame me for not reminding you, brother! Haha!” Wang Bo laughed and said happily on the phone.
“Brother Bo, are you kidding me! This kind of joke is not allowed!” Wei Shousong said with a red face. He was startled and glanced nervously at Zhang Wei who was standing nearby, waiting for him to call. . At this time, Zhang Wei was looking around, taking in the campus environment outside c.
Wang Bo wanted to talk more, to enlighten his brother and give him some advice, but he saw the girls sitting next to him all blushing and looking at him with coquettish faces.
Especially his cousin Li Junhua. Although he didn’t say anything because he was on the phone, his beautiful eyes were so angry that she wanted to stare him to death!
Wang Bo was suddenly startled, and when he came to his senses, he remembered that there were female compatriots beside him. How could this kind of “talk from experience” that could only be discussed among men be said in front of several girls? Wang Bo immediately stopped, laughed, and told Wei Shousong, more like telling the four girls around him, that he was just joking and asked Wei Shousong not to mind, and then agreed with the other party on the approximate time to return to school and how to contact him then, and soon hang up the phone.
“How generous are you to worry about your classmates? It seems that you are very experienced in this area!” Li Junhua looked at Wang Bo who hung up the phone with a sneer,