r, looked at the two girls who were wiping water with bath towels and getting dressed in a hurry and said, “Okay, they have left. You two, come out.”

“Them? Who are they?” Su Mengyao asked, her hands that were putting on a bra froze in the air, her round, fresh little face was white, without any rosiness after bathing.
“Well, I hired two cleaners to come over to do housekeeping.” Wang Bo said with a crooked mouth.
“Ah, cleaner? Why does the cleaner have the key to your room?” Su Mengyao asked doubtfully.
“Wang Bo, what should we do? They must have heard what we just said.” Thinking about the consequences of the secret between the three of us being exposed, Wen Xiaohan became more and more frightened. She had just wiped the water droplets on her body with a bath towel and was still not wearing clothes. She shivered again.
/“Mengyao, Xiaohan,” Wang Bo opened the bathroom door completely, hugged the pale and frightened two women tightly in his arms, patted their backs to comfort them, “don’t worry, I will let them take care of them later.” Leave the key to me. As for what happened just now, don’t worry. The person who cleaned me was not an outsider, but an employee of the rice noodle shop from my hometown. After sending you home later, I will go talk to them and let them Don’t talk nonsense. They have to rely on me to make a living, so they won’t talk nonsense. Even if you talk nonsense, catch a thief, catch a couple, or catch an adulterer in bed, without any evidence, others won’t be able to believe it, right?”
/Chen Xiang and Wu Xue stood up for him, right? Currently, only Liang Ya, Zhong Jiahui and Jiang Mei know about cleaning. No one else, including the boys in Wang Bo’s dormitory, knew. He also doesn’t want too many people to know this. He had been a poor man in his previous life and knew the self-esteem and sensitivity of the poor. Other jobs, even handing out leaflets on the street, were easy, but cleaning and doing housework was another matter. Most people were Look down on.
Hearing that the people who came in just now were from Wang Bo’s hometown, the two frightened girls finally felt more relaxed.
“You must get the keys back. Also, why did you give away the keys to your house? What if someone rummaged through your things in the house?” Su Mengyao rolled her eyes at Wang Bo, feeling that he was too trusting.
“How about changing the locks directly?” Wen Xiaohan suggested from the side.
“Yes, change the lock! This is the safest way! Xiaohan is smarter!” Su Mengyao snapped her fingers, moved her hand to Wen Xiaohan’s face, and pinched Wen Xiaohan’s tender pink face.
“Change the lock, change the lock! I will change the lock after you leave!” Wang Bo agreed without hesitation, because today’s incident was indeed a mistake made by his negligence.
Because of Chen Xiang and Wu Xue’s unexpected interruption, the three of them had no choice but to resume their previous passion. After drying their hair with a hair dryer, the two women said they wanted to go home.
“Okay, since you two are eager to r