h reality. No matter how beautiful or handsome women and men are, their left hand touches their right hand as time goes by. It’s not that these people don’t want to release their true nature, experience some freshness, and look for some excitement that can make their lives shine and bloom, but they do so because they don’t dare or can’t. Love and excitement are only one aspect, more lies in material needs. This is something that human beings cannot escape. It cannot be deceived and ignored by saying “I only care about spiritual pursuits and not material enjoyment”. If love is easy to obtain (if a woman is pretty, a man is handsome, and if you take a little initiative, love will come easily); but the wealth that satisfies people’s various material enjoyments is rare!

What is lost is what is gained. In this regard, Wang Bo feels that with his current ability to make money, he can be of benefit to the girls around him and satisfy most of them’s pursuit of a happy life. After all, as far as he is concerned now, As for girls and women, in the final analysis, they are the children of farmers, workers, and civil servants of the “general people” whose horizons have not yet grown on their foreheads. None of them come from high-ranking officials and wealthy people. Even Sun Li, who has the best family conditions, is still far behind him when measured by absolute wealth and social status, not to mention that he still has a dazzling aura that countless people can encounter but cannot seek, and can provide the most changes in themselves. Opportunities of destiny, these will have a fatal attraction for many girls and women!
Sometimes, Wang Bo would put himself in the shoes of a beautiful girl and there was an extremely charming boy in his class who was talented, wealthy, and not annoying in all aspects of his personality. Then the boy would want to be with him. Would you agree to a relationship that has no results? I would probably agree. I don’t want to be forever, I just want to have something once, and have a romantic relationship with a big star, a big talent, and a wealthy man. Even if it is short-lived, it is enough to be unforgettable, and I can “show off” to my best friends and female companions.
/It was precisely because of such a change in thinking that from the moment he invited Zeng Siqi to his home, he had “impure motives” and set up one “gentle trap” after another specifically targeting Zeng Siqi.
However, having said that, it does not mean that Wang Bo is some evil, despicable and shameless guy. He feels that he still has a basic moral bottom line.
First, he usually doesn’t take the initiative to provoke anyone. In fact, strictly speaking, among the many women around him, Liang Ya and her mother Cheng Wenjin were the only ones he took the initiative to attack. Liang Ya’s fourth aunt Chen Wenxuan was only half-hearted. If the other party really wanted to resist him, there would be countless opportunities. As for other girls and women, whether it was Zhong Jiahui, Zeng Ping, Tian Xin, Ma Liting and Fang You,