s Klein’s pupils dilated slightly, one silver word after another stood out below the scene:

“Great Master, Zaratul is missing!
“I can’t see Him!”
Gone… Klein almost forgot to breathe for a moment.
Although he had known for a long time that Zaratul had returned. After all, this was a chain reaction caused by him opening the door to the foggy town, but he did not expect that this big boss had quietly left the palace where he used to live, and his whereabouts were unknown!
Even “Magic Mirror” Arrodes can’t discover his whereabouts… What is he planning? The more Klein thought about it, the more chills ran down his spine.
/Now that he has become a Sequence 4 demigod, one thing that is certain is:
His control over the mysterious space above the gray fog is not enough. For the time being, he can only restrain the specialness attached to him in the real world, making it difficult for extraordinary people in the corresponding path to see. He is still unable to suppress the law of aggregation of extraordinary characteristics, and that A piece of gray mist has proven time and time again that it has the invisible ability to absorb extraordinary people or sealed objects from the “divineer” path, “apprentice” path, and “thief” path. Among them, it has the most effect on the “divineer” path. obvious!
Coupled with the fact that I am a Sequence 4 “Cunning Mage” who is not weak in my appeal, it is not impossible for Zaratul to suddenly come to Backlund one day… Klein kept his expression unchanged and looked at his whole body as he changed the scene. Mirror said:
“I see.”The next picture presented by
“Magic Mirror” Arrodes was equally familiar to Klein. It was the “treasure” of the Antigonus family at the top of the Hornakis Mountains.
Below this scene, a line of silver words also appeared quickly:
“Great Master, there is another possibility, but I can’t tell what it is. I can only know that it will be easier than the first two.”
No more Antigonus family notes this time? Also, it will guide the holder to the main peak of the Honakis Mountains to find the treasure of the Antigonus family. It is of a type that can be combined with the previous option… Even “Magic Mirror” Arrods can’t see it. What could it be? Combined with my understanding of the forces that belong to the “divineer” path, does this mean praying to the goddess? The goddess is the “Mother of Secrets”, so if you want Arrodes to see the answer, it can see it. If you don’t want it to see it, it can’t see anything… Klein’s thoughts diverged and he quickly made associations.
Of course, he didn’t think that he could obtain the “Ancient Scholar” potion formula by praying directly. This was too absurd, just like a child playing a game.
Based on the experience of the “Nighthawk”, he suspected that he might have to accumulate enough contributions to pass the ritual and obtain the “ancient scholar”‘s potion formula from the “Night Goddess”.
Accumulating meritorious deeds… This is really a familiar phrase… Klein sighed silently, already having some ideas