gizes, then she will definitely forgive herself and take back her original intention! “

gizes, then she will definitely forgive herself and take back her original intention! ”
Thinking of this, Ren Wei suddenly became excited, and his pale face became a little brighter because of hope. He hurriedly picked up his mobile phone and started calling Sha Shuanghao, telling him that he wanted to visit Xia Xi apologized to Xia Xi in person and said sorry.
However, Sha Shuanghao’s answer was:
/“Ren Wei, if you want to provoke Xia Xi again and make her commit suicide, just come here.
“As for the apology, what’s the use of your apology? Can it get back Xixi’s innocent body that was stained by you?
“Also, don’t blame me for not reminding you, you still have two hours to think about it. If you still haven’t expressed anything after two hours, then let’s meet at the Public Security Bureau. ”
After saying that, without waiting for Ren Wei’s reaction, Sha Shuanghao hung up the phone directly.
Sha Shuanghao’s call directly made Ren Wei’s face turn gray.
/July and August are considered the hottest times for double celebrations. , 40 degrees Celsius is basically commonplace. Some time ago, Shuangqing became extremely hot without a drop of rain for more than ten days in a row, as if it had become the Flame Mountain in “Journey to the West”, which made tourists from other places visit the mountain city extremely hot. We really experienced the taste of the city on fire.
However, around ten o’clock this morning, there suddenly came a storm with thunder and lightning. There were also hail in some places, which smashed pedestrians on the road like chickens. The torrential rain came and went quickly, and it ended in less than an hour.
When the heavy rain ended, the heat that had lasted for nearly half a month was also swept away, leaving a long lasting feeling. The people in the mountain city who had experienced drought and rain brought a long-lost coolness. As a result, countless people who were suffocated by the sweltering heat also felt relieved and went out to feel the rare summer coolness. However, this rare
summer The good weather had nothing to do with Ren Wei who stayed in Sha Shuanghao’s apartment. At this time, facing Sha Shuanghao’s ultimatum, his heart felt like snow in June, a cold winter, but also seemed to be burned by fire, and the heat was unbearable.
He The scenes in the two years since he had known Zheng Yan were either warm, touching, happy, or joyful, and flashed through his mind like a movie replay. These scenes and memories made him miss it infinitely. Even the memories of angry quarrels with each other made him nostalgic, warm and happy!
“Swallow, I’m sorry for you!” “Ren Wei was crying and talking to himself, with tears welling up in his eyes.
At the same time, he felt extremely regretful. He regretted that he forced his girlfriend to stay in Shuangqing for his own selfish reasons and did not let her go to the magic city to realize her dream. Ideal. If Zheng Yan went to the Magic City, she would not be an assistant to Wang Bo, nor would she go on any business trips. Sha Shuangha