le. Don’t make your daily itinerary too dense or too full. It will be boring to rush around all day long like a member of a tourist group. That’s about it.”

le. Don’t make your daily itinerary too dense or too full. It will be boring to rush around all day long like a member of a tourist group. That’s about it.”
/“Um, Mr. Wang, are there any standards for accommodation and meals?” At this time, Xia Xue bit her lip and raised her hand to ask.
“I don’t have any requirements for where to stay. I can stay in ordinary small hotels or star-rated hotels, as long as they are clean. I prefer to eat. If I go to a place and can taste the famous local specialties and satisfy my appetite, then You’ll be at ease. Of course, you’d better search for information online and ask travel friends. Sometimes the tastes of foreigners and us Chinese are very different. My grass is jelly and theirs is poison. They think it’s delicious, but for us , it may be difficult to swallow. But countries in Central and Southern Europe such as France and Italy are big gourmet countries, and there should be many specialties in various places that everyone thinks are good.” Wang Bo said.
“Yes, I took note of it, Mr. Wang.” Xia Xue and Chen Ziyang quickly wrote in their notebooks.
After the two of them wrote down all the miscellaneous requests that came to mind, Wang Bo asked them to draft an employment contract, and he took out his wallet and prepared to pay the two of them a deposit.
Xia Xue glanced at Chen Ziyang next to him. Chen Ziyang nodded towards her, and Xia Xue said: “Well, Mr. Wang, you actually don’t need to sign a contract for us. We all believe in you. And the deposit, you also There is no need to pay now. When you return to Paris from your trip, you can pay us together.” ”
Yes, Mr. Wang, you can pay us after you come back from your trip.” Chen Ziyang also hurriedly agreed.
And those who push money outside? Wang Bo glanced at the two of them in surprise, but he still took out 600 euros from his wallet, handed it to the two of them, and said with a smile:
“It doesn’t matter, these are all small coins. Besides, I also made an agreement with Xiao Xia yesterday. I have to pay you both a deposit. As for the contract, forget it if you don’t want to sign it. I also think it’s a bit troublesome, mainly because I’m afraid you won’t trust me.” “Where are you
, Mr. Wang, are you kidding me?” they said quickly.
“Okay, that’s roughly it. You’d better find me here in Montparnasse at nine o’clock tomorrow morning, and we’ll go to the car rental agency to rent a car together. Now let’s eat. Waiter, please!” Wang Boyang raised his hand and waved in the direction of the counter. Snapped his fingers.
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That night, both Chen Ziyang and Xia Xue insisted on staying up until ver