uite quiet.

uite quiet.
“Perhaps these people are all looking to see where I will go? Who will I sit next to? Who will be the lucky one?” He thought a little naughty, and he knew that his guess was probably true. To be able to sit at the same table and have dinner with him, a celebrity with countless halo around his head, is definitely something that ordinary people can only meet but cannot ask for, and then they can brag about it and talk about it for a lifetime.
/But today, Wang Bo is destined to disappoint many people. He pretended to search, went around several times, and finally went directly to the table where Zhang Li was sitting alone. He lowered his head, looked at the other person, and said with a smile:
“Classmate, is there anyone across from you? ?”
“Classmate, is there someone across from you?”
Zhang Li’s reaction at that time was to look at him expressionlessly and say nothing, then stood up, picked up the blue schoolbag placed on the seat next to her, and left directly.
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Zhang Li did not expect that she would meet Wang Bo Wang Zi’an, a big celebrity in the school, in the cafeteria!
She had heard the words Wang Bo and Wang Zi’an when she was in high school. She had read many reports about him, such as “from a poor family and constantly striving for self-improvement”, from “talented and rich in knowledge”, to “unprecedented and unrivaled”. “Unprecedented”, “a great cross-field talent rarely seen in a thousand years”, “dark horse in the literary world”, “music geek”, “a master of science fiction who single-handedly raised China’s science fiction level to a world-class one”
Later, etc. After the other party went to college, and she herself went to college, she added a few more titles, such as “famous entrepreneur”, “top ten outstanding young people in the country”, and “under 20 years old, self-made, the richest in China” “younger relative”, “billionaire”, “super star, the man behind the international superstar” and so on.
These titles and auras are relatively distant and illusory to Zhang Li. They are separated by a layer, which makes her feel closer and have substantial feelings. On the contrary, it is the other person’s unique and transcendent status outside C. For example, the place where the other party lives is not the school’s dormitory, but an independent apartment that is said to be luxuriously decorated, with a kitchen, toilet, and living room!
The other party doesn’t attend classes, or rarely attends classes. Anyway, she has been at C for almost two years and has never seen this “big-name alumnus” once. I have occasionally seen the other party’s car a few times, a crystal gray X5 BMW, but the person sitting in the driver’s seat is not Wang Bo, but an extremely beautif