ggested that she should take off her sweater. Since the actor took the initiative, Wang Bo certainly had no reason to refuse. Wang Bo

ggested that she should take off her sweater. Since the actor took the initiative, Wang Bo certainly had no reason to refuse. Wang Bo
‘s eyes made Zhang Li realize that she was exposed, and she instinctively wanted to use her hands to Chun Guang covered her collar, but thinking of her purpose today, she suppressed the urge to cover her collar.
“So Director Wang, do I have a chance to get the role of ‘Jing Jing’?” “Zhang Li asked in a tired voice.
Wang Bo didn’t say anything, just stared at Zhang Li’s face.
Zhang Li’s heart jumped suddenly, knowing that the real drama was about to come. She took a deep breath, and then grabbed Wang Bo’s face. Holding up his hands, he begged:
“Director Wang, I know that compared with those senior sisters who are in their junior and senior years, or even those who have graduated, I am still very lacking as a sophomore, and I still need to hone my acting skills.
“However, I will work hard and be serious, and I will listen to what you say, director. Director Wang, can you direct my little sister’s play on the spot again?” ”
Haha, you still want me to direct your play? ? Your Chinese drama teacher doesn’t teach?”
“Teaching is necessary, but some scenes require the cooperation of two people to practice.”
/“What scene?”
“For example, the kissing scene! And Director Wang, You know it all!” Zhang Li suddenly became shy, and her heart was pounding, as if she was about to burst out of her chest at the next moment. At this time, she had summoned up the greatest courage in her life and said what she thought was the “most shameless” thing in the past. If the other party refused, she felt that she would be embarrassed.
Wang Bo’s heart also jumped violently, thinking to himself, it’s finally time to see you.
“Have you never rehearsed a kiss scene in school?”
“There definitely won’t be any official tutorials in the school! The teacher can’t teach it either. These are all things you need to understand on your own and the accumulation of your private life, and then release them during the performance. My own nature, coupled with my understanding of the scene and script.” Zhang Li said.
“Have you never acted in a kissing scene?”
Zhang Li shook her head, a little embarrassed, and said with a blush, “I’m only a sophomore in college. I’ve never joined any crew before. That’s why I need your guidance, Director Wang!”
“Haha, I haven’t actually acted before, so I can’t talk about coaching. How about we discuss it together while I’m not busy?”
“Yeah, yeah!” Zhang Li nodded like a chicken pecking at rice, I finally breathed a sigh of relief, and all the nerves that had been tense since I entered the door relaxed. “Director Wang, I have never acted in this kind of play, but I will listen to you and listen to you in everything.” ”
Okay, very good. I have no experience. Let’s learn together, discuss together, and make progress together. But You are a college student, a professional actor, and you are considered an experienced driver. You will have to guide me later.”
“I will lis