ly stretched out his hands and hugged the two women one by one.

ly stretched out his hands and hugged the two women one by one.
“Sister, happy New Year, see you next year.” He patted Zhang Xinyue on the back and said.
/“Gong Jing, you too, Happy New Year!” He also patted Gong Jing on the back.
/Finally, Wang Bo stood in front of the two women, waved to them, and said his final farewell: “Sister, Gong Jing, I wish you a safe journey. I’ll go back now, bye!”
Wang Bo drove away, Gong Jing and Zhang Xinyue They were quickly dispersed by the huge flow of people at the station. Until Zhang Xinyue bought the ticket and got on the bus, she was still speculating about the relationship between the two. Although Wang Bo’s attitude towards Gong Jing was quite satisfactory and there was nothing wrong with it, who knew that guy wasn’t acting? You know, Zhong Jiahui has been with Wang Bo for a whole year, and no one around him has noticed that there is anything fishy between the two. If she hadn’t traveled to Shanghai the year before last and Wang Bo touched Zhong Jiahui’s bed at night and she knew that she slept in the same bed with Zhong Jiahui, she would still be kept in the dark. Just like Chen Xiang, Luo Lin and the others now, she felt that they would I would never have thought that Liang Ya and Zhong Jiahui would be “two women serving one husband.”
All his girlfriends left, and only Little Tuya Chenxiang was left by Wang Bo’s side.
Wang Bo played with Chen Xiang for two days and bought the girl a lot of gifts for the New Year, mainly clothes and shoes. Chen Xiang didn’t have two of them. Wang Bo usually gave many gifts, but she My sister Chen Bing, her parents, and her grandparents bought one after another and filled two large leather suitcases. Chen Xiang was so excited and happy that she said with joy and embarrassment: ”
Xiaobo , you bought so much, how can I take it away! You don’t think I can drag two boxes home alone, do you?”
But Wang Bo didn’t care about so much, walked out of the local brand store on the street, and dragged the The girl went to the Sugar Shop. When buying clothes for Chen Xiang’s family, he actually wanted to buy more high-end clothes in the department store, but Chen Xiang refused to go, saying that clothes from ordinary specialty stores were just fine. Wang Bo thought for a while, Chen Xiang’s sister, parents, grandparents were all in the countryside. They were facing the loess and the sky all day long, burning firewood and cooking, and the ash layer hit their faces. They really didn’t need to wear too expensive clothes, they were comfortable and warm. As long as the style is novel. No matter how high-end clothes are, they are only worn for others to see, but if you are surrounded by a group of farm people who have never seen the world and don’t know what brands are, people from the mountains will wear a piece of clothing that costs 10,000 yuan. If it’s a hundred, that’s pointless, it’s a waste of nine thousand and nine.
Therefore, brand goods, especially the clothes, should be one or two grades higher than those around them. It is enough t