ballistic trajectory of killing the spiked claws was correctly calculated, the time it took was enough for a real sniper to fire two or three shots.

However, David was not anxious. Instead, he smiled happily. He found that using the virtual world could really train his calculation and analysis skills. He believed that as long as he practiced more here, he could definitely reach 20% proficiency in calculation and analysis. Degree of sniper warrior level.
Of course, this is only training on the ability to calculate and analyze ballistics, which is very different from real sniping. It does not take into account the impact of a sniper rifle dedicated to a real sniper soldier and the response to its huge reaction force after shooting.
At this moment, the identity bracelet on David’s hand sounded a beep.
In this virtual world, his identity bracelet was synchronized with his real identity bracelet. He took a look and found that it was already time to practice the Eighteen Movements of Taijutsu in the evening, and he spent most of the day in the virtual world. .
“It’s strange that minors have to enter the virtual world. I guess they don’t want minors to be addicted to it!” David took off the virtual helmet and muttered to himself.
Although he was not playing, he was really addicted to it, otherwise he would not have even forgotten to eat.
He reset his work and rest schedule on his identity bracelet, controlled the time he entered the virtual world, and set aside time to practice other projects.
At noon on January 5, David finished practice early. He found a large hooded piece of clothing in the cloakroom that could cover his figure and block his face.
Before preparing to go out, although he knew that the person who wanted to harm him decided to stop his activities, he still asked the shadow attendant to fly out to check. After finding nothing abnormal, he opened the door and walked out.
This time he did not take a flying car, but stopped a public transportation hovercar and headed towards the beverage shop.
When he was still a block away from the beverage shop, he got off the public transportation hovercar and walked.
/Next to the drink shop was a barbecue restaurant. After David entered, he found a seat just across the wall from the drink shop and sat down.
Glancing at the display screen in front of me, I saw that the price of meat in this barbecue restaurant was obviously extremely low. Needless to say, all the meat sold here was synthetic.
Although synthetic meat is also called meat, it only has a basic meat flavor. It is actually synthesized from various edible materials, plus some meat flavor essence.
But after being grilled, this kind of synthetic meat is almost indistinguishable from real meat, and the price is many times different, making it the first choice for ordinary people.
/It would have been impossible for David to come to a place like this with his modest wealth in his previous life. However, the current David does not have that sense of superiority. He had eaten so much gutter oil in his previ