and smiled “hehe”.

and smiled “hehe”.
“I don’t understand what you are talking about!” Liang Ya blushed, glared at Lu Wei, tilted her head, picked up the English textbook on the table and looked at it. But at this time, although her retinas reflected the words in the textbook, these words could not form effective meanings in her mind. At this moment, Liang Ya’s head was filled with the news that Zhao Xingyou found out from Class 7 not long ago:
728.5 points, which was a score that Liang Ya could not imagine!
how can that be possible? !
However, as time went by, the score of 141 in Chinese, full marks in Physics, and the 149.5 in English that made the whole class drop their glasses were also taken by the guy named Wang Bo from Class 7, etc. More details were given by the inquisitive classmates in the class. After the disclosure, the question mark in Liang Ya’s mind disappeared, and in the end there was only an exclamation mark left, a huge exclamation mark:
“It’s really not human!” Liang Ya sighed in her heart. She couldn’t imagine what kind of talent a person needs, what kind of hard work and hard work it takes to get such an “unprecedented” score!
Liang Ya doesn’t know if that guy has talent, but does he work hard?
Liang Ya recalled the scene some time ago when Wang Bo was either with his classmates or alone “looking at the scenery” in the corridor outside Class 9, and she shook her head unconsciously.
Yes, in Liang Ya’s view, Wang Bo’s behavior of coming to his class to check on him when he had nothing to do was somewhat unprofessional. She firmly believes in her father’s teachings to her: the main task of middle school students is to study, get admitted to the university of their choice, and change the trajectory and destiny of life. There is no need to waste time on a relationship that is destined to have no results. This is true for urban children like her, and even more so for rural children who finally get into the No. 4 Middle School. Of course, love is beautiful and touching, but if the price of love is to exchange for the future of life, Liang Ya feels that the price is too huge and she cannot bear it. Her family, her father, her mother Neither can afford it.
/Knowing this situation, Liang Ya’s evaluation of Wang Bo naturally dropped a level lower. Like many people in Wang Bo’s class, it was difficult not to be “corroded”, “unable to withstand temptation”, and “degenerated” Ah, let’s consider this type of direction.
In the past, Liang Ya was neither disgusted nor very fond of Wang Bo’s implicit wishes, but overall she was still a little happy and proud. This was almost human nature. , as a sixteen or seventeen-year-old girl, she is also inevitable.
Lu Wei listened to Liang Ya’s warning, and for several days from then on, he never teased his deskmate about Wang Bo again, until just now.
Seeing that his deskmate was blushing, Lu Wei didn’t care about his teasing towards her, so his interest increased and he continued to lean against Liang Ya with his hand: “Stop reading, Yaya! The weather is so nice,