ing Water Co., Ltd. is wholly owned by Yijun.

ing Water Co., Ltd. is wholly owned by Yijun.
As for the funds for the acquisition of Yishan Water Plant, Wen Liang did not transfer it from Qinghe. Instead, he signed a five-star hotel infrastructure construction contract with Changsheng Industrial in the name of Yi Jun, and then subcontracted the contract to Qu Rong’s Jinlong Construction. A down payment of 1 million was received from Jinlong, which was more than enough to cover various expenses for the acquisition of the water plant.
This was also the content of cooperation that Wen Liang went to Guanshan to discuss secretly with Qu Donghai last time!
At six o’clock that morning, Wen Liang got up for his morning run as usual. When he passed the gate, he saw a middle-aged man sitting in the house through the window. He couldn’t help but stop and asked: “Who are you, where is the guard, Uncle Qin?
” He stood up hurriedly, with a smile on his thin, wrinkled face, and said: “Uncle Qin quit and went home. I’m new here. My name is Wang Xianxian. You can just call me Xiao Wang.”
/Where is this? It’s a mistake in your studies. At your age, wouldn’t it cost you your life if I call you Xiao Wang? Wen Liang couldn’t laugh or cry and said, “Hello, Uncle Wang, do you know why Uncle Qin resigned?” ”
/Something happened to his grandson recently. His son and daughter-in-law are making trouble every day. They blame Lao Qin for not doing a good job and even going to the workplace to make trouble. Lao Qin was afraid of the negative impact, so he resigned.”
Qin Yong was seriously injured in the explosion. Although he was out of danger, his body was burned in many places. Even if he recovered, he could not return to his old appearance. His family was worried about this. It is understandable to feel unwilling. Wen Liang went out early and came back late these days. He only met Lao Qin once or twice for the first time. Wen Liang even apologized to him when he talked about Qin Yong. Old Qintou was also a sensible person. He said that it was not Wen Liang’s fault, but Qin Yong’s own failure. It was his destiny to be like this, which made Wen Liang look at him with admiration. However, he did not expect that his family did not understand him and actually went so far as to resign.
Don’t underestimate the job of a janitor. Being a janitor in a government home, the salary and benefits are much better than elsewhere. The connections alone are a huge asset. To give an inappropriate example, if Lao Qin hadn’t known Without Wen Liang, it was impossible to arrange his grandson to a large enterprise like Qinghua Plant. Of course, the final result was not good, but it had nothing to do with it.
Wen Liang sighed. Although old Qin was greedy for a little money, he was still a good person. The two of them got along well. After all, he should bear some responsibility for Qin Yong’s injury. After thinking about it, he left a mobile phone number for Wang Xianxian. , and asked him to transfer it to Old Man Qin. If you have any difficulties, you can call him on this phone.
Just as he w