ahawk is a tomahawk, but it looks very violent!

ahawk is a tomahawk, but it looks very violent!
The scene burst into cheers instantly, and many spectators raised their 10-point signs.
Tomahawks actually belong to different people.
James has an excellent wingspan, coupled with his large movements to pull the ball, the visual impact is great.
In addition, compared with last year, this ball is an alley-oop, so the difficulty has increased a lot.
Also, it is completed in one go, giving people a simple and crude feeling.
The final score given by the judges also echoed the fans’ reaction.
50 points!
James was biting his nails nervously while waiting for the score, but when he saw the score, he waved his hands and shouted excitedly.
Sun Hao was worried that this guy might accidentally bite off his nails one day.
Of course, his thought only passed by for a moment, because he was the one who was about to appear!
Everyone’s attention fell on Sun Hao.
For Sun Hao’s performance in the dunk contest last year, fans automatically labeled him “creative”.
/However, Sun Hao didn’t look for help when he came up this year.
He took the ball and walked to a 45° angle to the right of the three-point line. After adjusting his breathing, he rushed directly to the basket.
This seemingly ordinary, but unusual move on Sun Hao immediately attracted the fans’ attention to him.
Is this Sun Hao not playing with creativity anymore?
Soon, they discovered that they had guessed correctly.
Sun Hao jumped into the air when he entered the penalty area, and began to turn his body while rising into the air.
Is this another 360?
No, it’s not.
Sun Hao’s jumping position was not enough to complete a 360° dunk.
Sure enough, Sun Hao had already started to pull the ball when he turned 180°.
He pulls the ball under his knees and catches a little windmill!
Sun Hao obviously came prepared, and like James before him, he finished it in one go!
The scene instantly burst into cheers and whistles, and many people raised their ten-cent cards and shook them back and forth.
He obviously has a preference for Sun Hao.
After Irving and the others looked at each other, they also gave 10 points.
But Thompson gave it a score of 9 points.
After the final scoring, Sun Hao scored 49 points.
Gervin put down the sign and turned to Thompson with a confused look.
Sun Hao changed the creative dunk method from last year’s dunk contest and performed a difficult dunk, and he did it in one go. Full marks for this are definitely not excessive.
Thompson, this is a bit biased.
But Thompson didn’t seem to care.
In fact, it was not that he was really biased against Sun Hao, but that he came to see Sun Hao with creative expectations.
This time, Sun Hao’s dunk was a little different from what he expected. Giving him one less point was considered a normal reaction.
Sun Hao didn’t care either.
And the purpose of his dunk is to raise people’s expectations for him.
In fact, he also knows what Irving and Thompson said. It is difficult to win the dunk contest simpl