ill thinking about your boyfriend?”

“Well, think about everything we have gone through together over the years, and think about it again. Anyway, after tonight, these will become memories, no, become memories, or in many years you will quietly look them up and look at them, and then laugh at the memories of those years How innocent and cute I am!”
After getting in touch with her more, she realized that Miao Qingyan in her normal state was not as scary as when she was cursing. Wen Liang sighed: “If you work harder, more than a billion people across the country will be able to recognize her. It’s so difficult to fall in love, you shouldn’t give up just because you say it!”
“I’m really done with him, it’s been five years, and it’s over like this. To say I’m not attached to you or sad is all lies, but I don’t regret it, really. I have no regrets at all!”
/The girl’s voice was still pleasant. Rather than talking to Wen Liang, she was talking to herself and her youth: “It has been five years since I loved that person and thought I could love him. For the rest of my life, I never thought that just because he couldn’t satisfy his desire to have sex, he would find another girl behind my back. I knew that I just asked downstairs, “That girl is not as beautiful as me, and she doesn’t have as good a figure as me.” , her skin is not as smooth as mine, her chest is flat and her butt is not raised, so what do you love about her?” He replied, “You are better than her in everything, but you are not willing to give it to me, what’s the use?” She is willing to go to bed with him and satisfy him. request, so I betrayed our five years of love and our lifelong agreement!”
“It’s ridiculous, isn’t it? I feel really ridiculous that I spent five years falling in love with such a person!” the girl said. As he spoke, he shed tears and said: “They say love will lose to reality in the end, but my love actually lost to sperm!”
Wen Liang didn’t know what to say for a moment. This is a very sad thing, and he should He said a few words of comfort, but Miao Qingyan had a miraculous ability to use unconventional adjectives to make the whole thing full of powerlessness.
He had long known that he could not judge a person by external things, but the contrast between before and after really gave him a huge impact. It may not even have been an hour since we met, but I have heard more words and phrases that should not come from girls than I have in my entire life. Based on words alone, I would say that she was a part of the sexual liberation movement in the 1990s. She may be too much of a member of the cadre, but to say that she is a pure girl who keeps herself as pure as jade, even Liu Xiahui really doesn’t believe it!
The room fell into silence again, and the girl suddenly said: “You must be thinking, I don’t look like a person who refuses to sleep with my boyfriend, right?”
Wen Liang smiled bitterly: “It doesn’t matter what I think, what matters is you What will your boyfriend think?”
/I have to say that the girl’s thinking is to