cal moments.

cal moments.
But no matter what, Sun Hao cannot be allowed to take action anymore.
Because with Sun Hao’s form tonight, a shot will most likely mean scoring.
Sun Hao ran out to catch the ball, and the scene was filled with excitement.
Sun Hao took a step forward and soon found himself caught in a three-man trap.
The Clippers are really enthusiastic about him.
Even Miller in the commentary box couldn’t help shouting at this time.
The Clippers’ chances are actually theoretical.
A 9-point difference is actually an insurmountable gap between such strong teams.
His previous judgment was biased again.
But that’s no longer important, what’s important is Sun Hao’s score!
When there is not much suspense about the outcome, if Sun Hao scores one more point, the meaning is completely different.
Because the NBA playoff single-game scoring record is Jordan’s 63 points!
Sun Hao is now only 3 points away from that!
Sun Hao did not take action.
Because he is in this position, the impact of the Clippers’ three-man double team on his shooting is completely different from before.
If he takes action, there is a high probability that he will not score.
He chose to pass the ball.
The ball was passed to Posey in the bottom corner.
Posey’s outside touch wasn’t very good tonight, and he only scored 1 goal in 4 shots.
But when the ball was passed to him, it should be his best shot tonight.
Gasol saw it and turned around to help defend, but it would definitely take time to reach this distance.
Percy had time to adjust, and he did adjust his posture before taking action.
Everyone’s eyes were fixed on the spinning basketball.
If this goal is not scored, the Clippers still have a theoretical chance.
Once you enter, your theoretical chances are gone!
There was a crisp sound.
Percy took advantage of this opportunity! !
103 to 115!
The point difference is back to 12 points!
There is less than 2 minutes left before the end of the game.
The Clippers have basically lost hope.
Old Dunleavy reached out and patted his forehead, his expression extremely frustrated.
The scene was already filled with cheers from Lakers fans.
/The Lakers are going to win!
The Clippers players were also helpless.
But Kobe hasn’t given up yet.
He shouted to Gasol to send the ball out, and quickly advanced to the frontcourt with the ball in the backcourt.
At this moment, the Lakers retreated a little slower. Kobe seized the opportunity and went straight to the frontcourt with a fast break and scored!
A 10-point difference.
The Lakers served in the backcourt, and Kobe ran in front of Hill who was serving, kept jumping up, and then kept waving his hands to interfere.
This person’s desire to win is not on the same level as others.
Hill was not in a hurry. When he saw that the ball was difficult to release, he turned his head and glanced at Phil Jackson, then stretched out his hand to call a timeout.
The Lakers fans at the scene had completely stopped pretending. Many of them had