barrassed to make things difficult for us.”

barrassed to make things difficult for us.”
Xu Yao thought about it, picked up her mobile phone and dialed the number. After waiting for a moment, she signaled with her eyes that she was connected, made a hissing gesture, and said seriously: “Xu Yao said in a serious tone. Secretary, what are you busy with?”
I don’t know what the other person said, Xu Yao immediately changed her smile and said in a coy voice: “I can’t call you if I have nothing to do. Dad, I miss you. It’s been almost a week. I haven’t seen you around. How about coming back for dinner tonight? Yeah, okay, I got it. I’ll ask Mom Zhang to cook something delicious. Yeah, I’ll wait for you. Bye!”
Xu Yao hung up the phone and saw Wen sitting opposite. Liang looked horrified and said in confusion: “What’s wrong, did you see a ghost?”
/“I didn’t see a ghost, but I saw a chameleon. Classmate Xu Yao, you are a dog, your face changes so fast!”
“You are still too young,” Xu Yao said contemptuously: “To deal with people like my dad, you have to pay attention to strategy. Be tough when you should be tough, and be soft when you should be soft. Besides, don’t look at me. I never act coquettishly, but as long as If you act like a baby, it will be a nuclear weapon. Secretary Xu Da can’t resist it at all.”
Wen Liang squinted and said, “Then you act like a baby and get him to agree to you filming an advertisement?” ”
Well, this is a different matter of principle. There is no such thing as acting like a baby. Used.”
After school in the afternoon, the three of them went to Xu Yao’s house together, and helped Zhang’s mother cook a sumptuous dinner. It was not until 7:30 in the evening that Xu Fuyan returned. After entering the door, he saw Wen Liang and Ning Xiaoning. He was slightly startled, then walked over with a smile and said: “Xiao Liang, Xiao Ning is here, must you be starving?” ? Sit down, everyone, let’s start dinner right away!”
The meal was enjoyed happily. Xu Yao winked at Wen Liang several times, asking him to mention the advertisement, but Wen Liang ignored them and finally kicked him under the table in a hurry. She kicked him, but she didn’t expect that this person’s face was so tough that it didn’t change at all. Xu Yao was so angry that she pouted her lips angrily and radiated all her resentment on the braised fish in the middle of the dining table. One chopstick after another She kept picking up the fish, and almost half of the two or three kilograms of fish went into her stomach.
“Mama Zhang, from now on you can add fish to your dinner every day. Why do you suddenly like fish?” Xu Fuyan looked at Xu Yao lovingly and said, “Looking at your eating habits, leave some for Xiao Liang and Xiao Ning. How do you teach them in daily life?” “Yours.”
Xu Yao snorted and paid no attention to anyone. She finished her bowl of rice and said, “I’m full.” Then she turned around and went to the living room, kicked off her shoes and settled on the sofa to watch TV. Xu Fuyan smiled slightly. Of course he knew why Xu Yao was losing her temper and why W