now, the shadow attendant added a little bit of Xiaobai’s venom into the coffee. During the whole process, the security did not notice anything, and even the female secretary who was very close did not notice anything wrong.

Xiaobai’s poison can’t even be underestimated by extraordinary people, let alone an ordinary person like President Kitts.
A drop of Xiaobai’s venom killed President Kitts in only three seconds. Unfortunately, his soul was too far away from Shadow Warrior and could not be absorbed at all.
/After six soldiers broke open the energy shield, a soldier with medical equipment stepped forward to check and quickly shook his head to express his helplessness.
In President Kitts’s body, the internal organs were almost completely melted by that drop of Xiaobai’s venom. Even with the gene repair cabin, there was nothing he could do to save it.
“I’m sorry, you all can’t leave!” Director Balfour received the news again. His expression changed drastically at first, and then he looked at Emmanuel, David and the others who were about to leave and said.
“Mr. Balfour, I wonder what happened?” Emmanuel was very puzzled by the change in Director Balfour’s attitude again and asked aloud.
“The president of the company has been assassinated, and everyone in this building must be investigated!” Balfour executive said in a deep voice.
Emmanuel also looked horrified. Batu Energy Company is a very large enterprise. The status of the president of such an enterprise is even higher than that of the mayor of Penton City, and his influence is far beyond that.
Judging from the tone of the Balfour executive, it seems that the assassin has not been caught. Regardless of whether the assassination is successful or not, this place is very dangerous.
“Protect President David!” Emmanuel turned around and shouted loudly to the two bodyguards who followed David into the conference room.
The two bodyguards immediately opened the boxes they carried with them, took out two sets of exoskeleton armor loading boxes, and then took out two second-level weapons.
The two bodyguards, one on the left and one on the right, were wearing armor and guarding David, showing extremely professional professional abilities.
“Mr. Balfour, we have been with you just now. No one left this conference room during the entire negotiation process. We can leave a few people to cooperate with your investigation, but President David must leave. It is too dangerous here!” When Emanuel saw that David was protected, he felt relieved and turned around to use his negotiation skills to demand from the Balfour executives.
“Manager Emmanuel, when the president was assassinated, not only you but me will also be investigated!” Balfour executive shook his head helplessly.
He also believed that the people in this conference room were not involved in the assassination, but the fact that President Kitts was killed was too big. In addition, one of President Kitts’s most trusted bodyguards was involved, and he was the subject of suspicion. Even company executives.