y life span of three hundred years.

He decided not to pay attention to General Adams anymore. At worst, he would leave the battle star after completing the deal. The universe was so big that he couldn’t go anywhere.
David also heard the message and found out that he was the one who saved him, but he also saw the look on Casser’s extraordinary face.
I knew in my heart that Kaser Chaofan probably didn’t want to let go, but I just didn’t know what kind of benefits the mysterious organization had given Kaser Chaofan.
Just when Kaser was distracted by his thoughts, Shadow Attendant took out a syringe from the space ring in the air circulation device of the cabin.
Shadow Attendant then pushed out the purple liquid from the disposable syringe. This was the ‘nerve-suppressing type III poison’, a terrifying poison.
If you didn’t have the privilege at the time of purchase, you would need 2,000 points to redeem such a ‘nerve-suppressing type III poison’.
The air circulation device converts the ‘neurosuppressive type III agent’ into gas and introduces it into the cabin.
/The narrow cabin space makes it easier for the ‘neurosuppressive type III agent’ to work.
If Kaser Chaofan was not distracted by other things, he would definitely find something abnormal.
But Casser’s extraordinary energy was affected by General Adams’s message, and coupled with his confidence in his own strength, he did not expect that David would still want to make a comeback at this time.
Under the influence of cosmic light, the lavender water mist blends into the light, making it difficult to detect without paying special attention.
In the small cabin, only two people were breathing. David was using a breathing device and was not breathing the air in the cabin at all. This left Kaser Chaofan breathing the air containing the ‘nerve-suppressing Type III poison’.
David’s heart beat faster, and he nervously observed Casser’s extraordinary changes.
“Boy, what are you thinking about? Why is your heart beating so fast?” Kaser suddenly asked Chaofan.
David was shocked, but he soon discovered a strange flush on Kaser Chaofan’s face, with some purple in the red.
/“What did you do to me?” Kaser Chaofan also realized what was wrong with him at this time, stood up suddenly, and shouted.
But as soon as he stood up, his body couldn’t help but stiffen, and his expression became extremely unwilling.
All the nerves in his body were out of control, and due to the loss of control, it became difficult for him to breathe.
David doesn’t want to get too close to Kaser Chaofan at this time. Who knows if this Chaofan has the ability to strike a dying blow.
He used the seat to hide his body. If Kaser wanted to kill him, he had to attack the seat first.
Although this seat could not block the extraordinary blow at all, it could at least give David a little more time to dodge.
“Can you tell me how I got tricked?” Kaser Chaofan felt that all the muscles in his body were losing control, and even his tongue was about to lose control. He wanted to know why, otherwise he w