wise who would be willing to give money next time?

wise who would be willing to give money next time?
After the press conference, with a large number of subsequent reports and the crazy counterattack of mineral water plants, Yishan Drinking Water Co., Ltd. went from being unknown to becoming a company with great brand recognition like Baida. And this At that time, Yishan did not even have a product on the market.
Sometimes I can’t help but sigh, hugging the thigh is really a shortcut to the south!
/While Wen Liang was actively preparing for the listing of Yishan Pure Water, Ning Xi also reached a cooperation intention with Lingyang City. Hengsha Mining invested one billion, accounting for 49% of the shares of the newly established Xishatou Port Company. Yangyang City Government invested 700 million and held a total of 51% of the shares with resources such as port, land, policy, taxation and other resources. It is expected that the project will be gradually completed in three phases over three years. Although the intention was reached, the agreement could be formally signed, but it still needed the approval of Hengsha’s board of directors. On this morning, there were five people sitting in the conference room of Hengsha’s headquarters, all members of the board of directors, including two deputy general managers and an assistant to the general manager. There is a director of the strategic planning department and an employee representative director. However, Ning Xi and Reid, the two straight-faced directors, have not shown up yet. Everyone is sitting scattered, maintaining a depressing silence with each other. Occasionally, they will There was eye contact, but no one spoke. They were all quietly waiting for the storm that might come next.
Reid’s opposition to this cooperation with Lingyang is already a secret within the company. The people below may not know much about it, but as a director of the company, they have received the information in advance. Therefore, it is still unknown whether the resolution can be safely passed at this meeting. Anyone with a discerning eye knows that if Reid cannot convince Ning Xi before the meeting starts, or Ning Xi suppresses Reid, a conflict will inevitably break out. If it is forced to a voting duel, for The loser’s prestige will be severely damaged.
In the general manager’s office, Zhuo Min stood guard outside the door, and a heated conversation was taking place inside.
“Xiao Xi, listen to me. Hengsha is in its infancy. How much money will be spent? Is it really necessary to invest one billion in a terminal that will not see any profit in the next five years?” Reid had already told him. Ning Xi talked for an hour, but made no progress, and her title changed from Mr. Ning to the familiar Xiao Xi. She tried to play the emotional card, but unfortunately he didn’t understand Ning Xi’s temper very well. Rationality is supreme, and there is no use in making assumptions.
“Mr. Lei, have you read Walras’s “Essentials of Pure Economics”?” Ning Xi asked calmly.
/Red was suffocated. He was smart and had a good business acumen, b