ask you to pay for it?”

“Okay, I don’t know how much living expenses you have? You spend so much money at the beginning of the month and don’t know how to control it. From the end of the month, you just boil steamed buns in boiling water. How much money can you scrape together? Take it, I’ll be angry if you don’t take it!”
For this reason, Dapeng had no choice but to take the money and walk among the classmates. As soon as he said a few words, he heard a burst of cheers and someone shouted “Long live Teacher Qin”. Yan Ge hesitated and finally left, but before leaving, she glared at Wen Liang angrily, deeply dissatisfied with this uninvited guest who disrupted her plans.
The three of them walked out of the auditorium, and Wen Liang said with a smile: “This is a big deal. If you, the real person, were not present, wouldn’t Huanggang and I be scolded to death by your group of students?”
/“Without me, it would be too late for them to be happy. . By the way, come to me tomorrow night if you have time, and I will give you the money.”
Of course, Wen Liang would not say anything stupid that would not require repayment, and said, “OK, I’ll call you after school.”
Huang Gang stood aside and looked at the two of them enviously. Even though she was young and ignorant, she could still feel the ordinary but extremely harmonious friendship between Qin Yin and Wen Liang, just like a concert. The harmony of the piano and the harp does not require too many words or too many explanations to understand each other’s thoughts and demands.
“What are you thinking about?” Qin Yin took Huang Gang’s hand and asked with a smile: “Are you hungry? What do you want to eat? The landlord is here tonight, let’s kill him well.” ”
No, I’m not thinking about anything! “Huang Gang recovered his thoughts and said: “I’m not too hungry. I just listened to my aunt.” ”
Hey, Sister Qin, who said you wanted to have dinner to apologize just now?” Wen Liang suddenly froze and said with a smile: ” I said something doesn’t feel right, classmate Huanggang, I call her Sister Qin, and you call me Auntie, does that mean you want to call me uncle?”
Huang Gang opened his mouth slightly, scratched his head in distress, and said, “I , Do I really want to call me uncle?”
This time it was Wen Liang’s turn to cry sadly, and he didn’t want to be regarded as a monster. Qin Yin smiled and said: “You are trapped in a cocoon. Xiaogang, you can also call me sister from now on. In fact, I I’m only a few years older than you.”
Qin Yin and Huanggang’s mother are colleagues and good friends, so it makes sense for Huanggang to call her aunt, but now things have changed and people are forever separated by mountains and rivers, so it doesn’t matter what you call her.
The three of them walked to the door of the Qingshi. Two bright lights illuminated the door like daylight. After waiting for a while and not getting a taxi, Wen Liang was considering whether to call Chang Cheng to pick him up. A dirty beggar walked up from under a street tree not far from t