mble and reveal his amazing background, he opened his mouth.

mble and reveal his amazing background, he opened his mouth.
“I used to be a fitness instructor in Hawaii.”
“I’m sorry, what did you say?” Sanchez couldn’t believe what he heard and asked again.
“Fitness coach, when Little John didn’t come, I drove for the boss for more than ten years.”
“Oh God!”
“I want to challenge you! Whoever wins will be the supervisor!”
“Okay, Wright, yes. The boss will feel at ease when he has familiar people around him.” Gabriel continued to wipe the counter, his back looking very melancholy.
“Since grandpa said that all the profits and losses of this store belong to me, we should do a good job!”
“I will give you five percent of the profit every month as a dividend, hey! Sanchez, don’t make that face, okay, okay, Ten percent, no more!”
Han Xuan crossed his arms on his chest and walked back and forth to lecture. The clerk in front of him listened with interest: “Life here is not as exciting as the battlefield. I think you will be bored staying here, so just treat it as a job. Let’s do something.”
He paused and continued, “Irving, how much did you make today?”
“The turnover was 16.8 yuan. Wright ate a pudding and hasn’t paid me yet.”
“I changed my clothes . I didn’t bring my wallet, so I’ll give it to you in the afternoon.”
“$1.40, which is the employee cost price, so that’s 18 dollars. By the way, thank you for your patronage.”
“We’ll argue later, don’t say anything else. Dirty words, Mr. Wright.” Han Xuan looked at them seriously: “I found a serious problem.”
“Well, it’s time to find two beautiful female clerks. The warehouse is still short of porters. Which of you will volunteer? ”
Ha, the weather is so nice!”
/Don’t think that people with many muscles are stupid. At least these four people don’t want to go to the warehouse.
Even Owen shook his head after hearing this and said firmly: “No, no, no! The doctor said that I have claustrophobia. I can’t stay in too dark a place, or I will get sick.” ”
There is a light, a two-hundred-watt headlight.” Te made trouble and said that Han Xuan was here. He resisted the urge to smoke, and a Marlboro played tricks in his hand, and his fingers kept spinning.
“Then you go, I’ll take care of the pretty girl for you.” Sanchez originally had this idea in mind, looking out of the transparent glass with a smirk and sighing: “It’s great to be young, so energetic.” ”
You go, you go, Don’t try to trick me, be careful. I’ll tell my sister-in-law. Her phone number is still in my book!” ”
How about going out to solicit customers? Let’s attract people to buy things and see who dares not to listen.” Wright said in a ruffian voice. He said, he really planned to go outside.
“This is not like being in the army. Be careful of being kicked out by security.” With a thoughtful look on his face, Gabriel touched his chin and continued: “Discount? Or find some way to attract people.” “Attracting
/people? Flyers or” See A figure came over from outside, and Han Xuan murmured: “Performance?” “The sound eff