ot home.

ot home.
Just as I was getting ready to go to bed and watch TV, my cell phone rang suddenly. It was the instructor of the brigade.
“Yong Liang, what’s wrong?”
“The director asked me to go to the government guest house immediately. Why would he find me? You put the child to sleep first, and I’ll go and see what’s going on.” ”
Are you asked to pay the bill?”
“Let me go. Do I have the qualifications to pay the bill?” Wu Yongliang became more and more confused as he thought about it. He looked back at his wife and children, turned around, opened the door and left.
The new home is in the county seat, not far from Nangang Hotel and only a short ride on a motorcycle.
I said hello to the security guard at the gate and found a place to park my car. Just when I was wondering where to find the chief, a police car slowly drove into the compound. The driver and the two people sitting in the passenger seat not only knew each other, but also had a relationship. Not one or two points are good.
“Captain Zhu, Xiaoyan, Director Song has also notified you?”
“Yeah, do you know what happened?”
“I don’t know, our instructor didn’t tell you.”
The three of them were confused when the director’s driver walked out of the hall and pointed inside. refer to.
When they walked in with the driver, the three of them were stunned. Song Qingsong put his bag in the creaking nest and said, “Detachment Han, it seems Director Chen won’t have time at night. Let’s go ahead and chat. I’ll come back tomorrow morning. ”
Why are you so embarrassed? Bureau Song, I’ll see you off.”
“Don’t see me off. We meet old friends in a foreign country. Let’s have a good time together. Xiao Wu, Xiao Zhu, help me entertain the Korean detachment.”
/The old leader is actually an old leader!
I had no choice but to work in Nangang. During the Spring Festival, I had to be on duty or prepare for work. I went back to Sigang for a gathering during the Spring Festival the year before last, and I kept making phone calls after that. Considering that the old leaders are busy with study and work, it is not easy to contact them too frequently. They mainly call to greet them during holidays.
Wu Yongliang was very excited after not seeing him for three years.
“Han Bureau, Han Detachment, why didn’t you call us when you came to the technical squadron for investigation last time? We didn’t find out until we left for several days.” ”
Liu Da told our director that you had been here. Even if I die, I wouldn’t believe it.”
Xiaoyan looked back at the lobby and confirmed that there were no leaders around. She couldn’t help complaining: “Han Bureau, what’s our relationship? Yongliang and I have been working with you since the Silk Weaving Factory. Without your help, we would probably still be ‘temporary’ workers now.” How could you not tell us that you are here to guide the work?”
Han Bo was particularly happy to meet again after a long absence.
Seeing him and Wu Yongliang, I couldn’t help but think of the scene when I worked at the Silk Weaving Factory. Since