Li Xiaolei took out an inspection report from the folder she had prepared earlier and said solemnly: “Secretary Luo, leaders, please allow me to report some bad news first. A week ago, Secretary Lu Huisheng was diagnosed with leukemia. He is currently undergoing treatment in Beijing.”
Lao Lu has leukemia!
The county leaders looked at each other and felt that the news was too sudden.
“As we all know, in the past three years since the State Council banned the Agricultural Foundation, the reason why our foundation has been able to maintain normal operations is inseparable from Secretary Lu Huisheng’s personal reputation. It is no exaggeration to say that the three words Lu Huisheng are worth 130 million in Liangzhuang Ten million! As long as he is here, as long as he comes to Liangzhuang from time to time, there will be no problem with the foundation. The news that he is suffering from leukemia may not be a big deal in the county, but in Liangzhuang it is very likely to cause the majority of savers to A crisis of trust in our foundation has triggered a large-scale run that all financial institutions are most worried about and least willing to see. Therefore, we keep this news strictly confidential, and Secretary Jiao Handong does not even dare to report it to the county committee and county government.”
130 million, no wonder Lao Shi said that the entire public security bureau combined could not shoulder this responsibility.
Fang Feng had an enlightenment and realized that compared to other things, this was the real big deal.
Success is due to Lu Huisheng, and failure is due to Lu Huisheng.
Paper cannot contain the fire. Once it leaks out and triggers a large-scale run, and the people cannot get their money, they will not only go to Liangzhuang Town, but also the county committee and county government. Luo Hongxin envied Lao Lu’s prestige, and at the same time was worried about Liangzhuang because of Lao Lu’s condition.
Li Xiaolei didn’t want to waste time and said succinctly: “Secretary Lu Huisheng started thinking about how to deal with this situation the day the doctor suspected that he had cancer. He really had no choice, so he came to me and asked me to be the chairman of the foundation. I I am pregnant, and my wife works in the city. How can I come to Liangzhuang to be the ‘maintenance president’? But this is most likely his last wish in this world, and I really can’t bear to let him down, so I can only agree.”
No one doubted Lao Lu’s feelings for Liangzhuang, and everyone nodded slightly.
“My hometown is in Beijing, and my husband’s family is in Si Gang. I am both a Beijinger and a Si Gang person. I have the same feelings for Si Gang and Liangzhuang. It can be said that without Si Gang, I, Li Xiaolei, would not be where I am today.”
/Originally, the name of the family was not right. The “bank” that may be ordered to close by its superiors at any time if it doesn’t comply is entirely supported by Lao Lu’s personal reputation. If Lao Lu gets cancer and his “successor” is put on file for