if it was digesting the ‘Blood Dragon Powder’.

David himself also took ten grams of ‘Blood Dragon Powder’. The effect of ‘Blood Dragon Powder’ was very mild, and he felt that his blood was slowly warming up.
The blood is constantly flushing the body, bringing temperature to the whole body, and the temperature of the whole body is also constantly increasing.
A large amount of sweat was discharged from the body. Fortunately, David had experienced the ‘Advanced Armored Body Technique’ and the impurities in the body had been cleared away, so the sweat did not have much odor.
The absorption of a serving of ‘Blood Dragon Powder’ only lasted ten minutes, and David felt the temperature in his blood drop rapidly, quickly falling to normal levels.
/He summoned the Shadow Warrior and activated the attribute panel, but found that his physical fitness value had not changed.
However, his mind could sense that his physique had improved, but this improvement was too little.
“No wonder the two extraordinary people at that time looked at me as if I had suffered a big loss. The effect of this ‘Blood Dragon Powder’ is really weak!” David smiled wryly, shaking his head and muttering to himself.
He looked at Xiaobai again. Xiaobai was still absorbing it. It seemed that the ‘Blood Dragon Powder’ had a much better effect on Xiaobai than on him.
David put away the ‘Blood Dragon Powder’ and decided that ‘Blood Dragon Powder’ would be Xiaobai’s exclusive resource in the future.
In fact, this ‘Blood Dragon Powder’ has a good effect on ordinary soldiers. Not all soldiers practice high-level physical skills. Practicing high-level physical skills requires talent.
For soldiers without high-level physical skills, the gap between their physique and strength will be huge, and the effect will be more obvious when using ‘Blood Dragon Powder’.
The disappointed David released the Source Gathering Disk and activated it, and the Shadow Warrior automatically flew to the center of the Source Gathering Disk.
David himself began to practice ‘Crystal Meditation’. Since the crystal barrier outside the Soul Fortress was destroyed last time, his ‘Crystal Meditation’ has been rebuilding the crystal barrier.
In a dormitory, Canning is communicating with his father via interstellar communication.
Needless to say, the process of contact. When Canning turned off the interstellar communication, his expression was extremely gloomy. His father was disappointed in him, Batu Energy Company ended its support for him, he lost the position of student union president, and was ridiculed by the entire college. , all this made him almost crazy.
“I need help, and you must come. I have the records of our transactions in my hands. If you don’t help me, then we will be tied together and die!”
/“Fifty million credit points, plus a high-level technique!”
“I helped you a lot when I was the president. As long as you help me this time, you can choose the secret method in my family!”
Canning’s eyes were red and he began to contact the people who could be used. Threats, coer