If guns were given to people like you, the world wouldn’t be in chaos.
Han Bo was so dumbfounded that he folded his arms and asked, “Where do you work as a security guard?”
“In Rolling Stone, not far from the bus station. There is a disco in the basement and a karaoke room on the first and second floors. Many people go there. Han Tepai, if you Bring your friends to see me directly. No tickets are required for the disco, and singing is discounted. I have a good relationship with the manager.”
Rolling Stone KTV is one of the most mixed entertainment venues in Nangang City.
/Don’t say you won’t go, even if you go, you, the security guard, won’t have to say hello to the manager. The more Han Bo thought about it, the funnier he became, and asked: “How long will it take?”
“Four or five years, anyway, a few years, when you will be the director. I just came here and have been in Nangang. I haven’t gone anywhere else.”
“How long have
you been working at Rolling Stone?” “In less than a year, I worked at the construction site at first. The boss couldn’t do it, and then I found a job by myself. Huiyuan Bathing on Zhongshan Road I worked in the center for a few months as a waiter and a waiter, and I did pretty well. I was also planning to learn how to take a bath. A boss’s mobile phone and wallet were stolen in the locker, and they suspected it was me. Han Te Pai, Tiandi Conscience, I really didn’t steal it, I will change my ways if I say I will. But I know who did it, it was definitely him, he was the only one who has been to the locker room. They just don’t believe it, no matter what they say, it’s unfair Good guy. I’ll stop working when I’m angry and look for another job.”
God knows if it was you who did it!
Time has passed for too long, even if it has not passed for too long, this is still within the jurisdiction of the police station and the criminal police team. Han Bo smiled and said nothing, motioning for him to continue.
Thief Monkey’s life in Nangang is “exciting”. He has worked in saunas, discotheques, karaoke bars, and game halls. He has worked in almost all the entertainment industries. He changed jobs frequently, either because his boss was not good enough, or others wronged him, or the place where he worked was ordered to close by the police. Working as a security guard at Rolling Stone KTV was the longest he worked.
What kind of entertainment activities can Liangzhuang have? Thinking about it, this place is really “suitable” for him.
After all, he was a fellow countryman. Han Bo didn’t want to embarrass him, so he asked again: “Why don’t you go back during the New Year?”
Li Gu touched his mouth and said with an embarrassed look: “No money.”
“You don’t even have money to buy a ticket?”
” I have enough money to buy a ticket. Even if I didn’t get into Xiao Min’s car, he would be embarrassed to drive me off. He didn’t make any money. Han Tepai, you know, Liangzhuang is not like other places. Everyone goes back and asks if they are caught. How are you doing, how much money do yo