xtremely focused.

xtremely focused.
In fact, he improved his defense last offseason not only because of the team’s needs, but also because his league status is constantly improving.
At this time, there will definitely be many new people coming to challenge him.
After all, what better opportunity to make a name for yourself than this?
Thinking back to the beginning, the gif of Iverson shaking off Jordan during his rookie season has been mentioned throughout his career.
Deron was also very focused, and a little nervousness could be seen in his eyes, but his actions were very decisive.
A big change of direction to the left, then a stop, and then a big change of direction to the right.
Deron’s best signature move is also his special skill that can “beat Paul while eating and sleeping” – changing direction in front of the body.
This is Tim Hardaway’s classic move, and Hardaway is also known as the “Father of Frontal Changes” because of this.
Compared with Hardaway’s, Deron’s forward change of direction is larger because of his high center of gravity.
And what’s better than Hardaway is that his stopping rhythm is so good.
Sun Hao made the steal at the right time.
With the bonus of the badge of elite defensive player on the ball, he is very fast.
As if Deron judged Sun Hao’s judgment, he stopped the ball and then changed direction to the left to avoid Sun Hao!
Sun Hao wanted to steal again, but Deron had already stepped into the three-point line, and then collectively shot a mid-range jumper.
Deron was nervous but did not panic. He collectively shot into the net and helped the Hornets open the scoring!
There was an uproar.
“It’s so similar!”
Mike Breen couldn’t help but sigh in the stands.
The ball that Deron passed away from Sun Hao just now is similar to the ball that Iverson passed away from Jordan!
Well, many people may have only remembered at this time that Iverson also changed direction in front of his body when he shook Jordan’s ball away.
/It’s just that one of them prefers speed, and the other prefers rhythm.
But the visual sense is exactly the same!
/Sun Hao was also stunned for a moment and then laughed.
Like Turkoglu whom he met before, Deron is also a rhythm player.
It can even be said that as a point guard, his pace is even more difficult to defend than Koglu.
Otherwise, do you think that Paul, who is always known for his tough defense, would be beaten completely out of temper in front of Deron?
The Lakers had the ball and Sun Hao advanced to the frontcourt.
Before O’Neal was about to take his position, Sun Hao made a new tactical gesture to signal others to pull away.
The PE teacher is sick today, so she has to take Chinese class instead!
Deron glanced at the formation behind him and knew that Sun Hao was going to answer ball on him.
His eyes were still a little nervous, but his defensive posture was ready.
With this ability to predict, no wonder he was able to avoid Sun Hao’s steal before.
Sun Hao pulled back and then made another breakthrough fr