have been transmitted to his hometown. It was quiet here in Sifang, everything was as usual. After getting off the car, Wang Bo neither saw flowers nor heard applause. Wang Bo couldn’t help but start to sigh in his heart:

Depend on! What a “rising figure in the literary world”, what a “pioneer of the times”, what a “contemporary little Lu Xun” has all returned to his hometown, but he doesn’t even get the treatment of a third-rate little singer. The status of this “cultural man” in contemporary China is still low. It’s really not enough!
Hey, that’s exactly what I wanted! Literati and writers really want to attract bees and butterflies like singers and movie stars, I don’t even bother to do it!
/Wang Bo soon felt at ease again!
That night, after learning that his son had won the highest special prize in a new concept essay competition he went to Shanghai to participate in, Wang Jichang immediately waved his hand and proudly said that he was going to the best hotpot restaurant in Sifang. “De Zhuang” booked two tables to congratulate him, but Wang Bo stopped his father and said:
“Dad, the award I won when I went to Shanghai this time is, how should I say, more unusual? It can be said that it is better than winning the top prize in the college entrance examination.” It’s awesome! Most students who have passed the college entrance examination have to invite guests, let alone me. Therefore, your two tables are not enough to see. Not only is it not beautiful, but the place where guests are invited is a bit out of class and out of place. Let’s leave it like this. The Chinese New Year will be coming in a few days. We are also busy before the New Year, and the guests may not have time. In the first few days of the new year, you can go to the horoscope to calculate the auspicious days. We will go to the Jinqiao Hotel to set up a dozen tables. Congratulations “For a moment.”
/“What? A treat at the Jinqiao Hotel? Please just invite your mother-in-law, your sister Huahua, my eldest aunt and the others. Do you really need to treat me at the Jinqiao Hotel?” Wang Jichang shouted loudly.
After Wang Jichang reminded him, Wang Bo also felt that going to Jinqiao to entertain guests seemed a bit ostentatious. He was still a student and his status was wrong, so it was better to keep a low profile, so he said: “If you don’t want to go to Jinqiao, then go to Yingfeng Hotel!”
“Sifang” Besides Jinqiao, there is Yingfeng, which is still very expensive! If you want to eat Chinese food, you might as well go to the ‘******’ where you were last time! ****** tastes good and the price is also It’s moderate, why should I be wronged?” Wang Jichang said with a heartbroken look on his face.
“Old man, if *** only invites my mother-in-law, uncle, and the rest of my family, of course it doesn’t matter. But the people invited this time have unusual identities. In addition to the teachers who are teaching me now, there are also No. 4 Middle School students who need to be invited. The principal, vice-principal, and even officials from the Edu