/Miao Wentao took a few steps to the left, pointed to a depression filled with mud and water, and immediately took it from Section Chief Yu. Compare the photos and say: “The deceased was in this posture at the time. Where you came down just now, there are traces of rolling or falling from the top of the slope. Because the gentle slope has been washed by rain for a long time, there is very little floating soil, and no other traces were found during the survey. Including footprints.”
/If the body was thrown, it would not be thrown this far, and rolling down the slope would not reach this position.
Han Bo looked back and murmured: “The murderer came down.”
“Push the person down first, wait until the person is half dead, and then come down and stab him randomly. Compared with the other victims, this one died the most tragically.”
I have read the forensic pathology report countless times. There were more than 40 sharp injuries all over the body of the deceased Chen Da, making it difficult to determine which one was the fatal injury.
The body was found three days later with dried blood.
You can’t see much in the photo, but you can imagine what it will be like when you die.
Han Bo looked at the photos he had seen several times before, raised his head and asked, “On what basis can we judge that multiple people may have committed the crime?”
“Two points.”
Miao Wentao looked back at the Dongping Municipal Police who accompanied him to the scene and explained: “The first is the autopsy. Although the body was cremated, the photos are there, and the forensic doctor who performed the autopsy is here. Lao Yu carefully studied the photos and followed them. The forensic doctor discussed it carefully and found that the 41 sharp injuries were probably caused by two daggers with different blade widths.” ”
What is the difference in blade width?”
“At least 3 mm.” Lao Yu has “seen countless corpses” and has far more experience. He is more knowledgeable than the city bureau forensic doctor. Last night he scanned the photos into the computer, enlarged and shrunk the wound, zoomed in and out, and measured it with a ruler. I asked the city bureau forensic doctor again this morning and I trust my own judgment.
Miao Wentao showed a smile on his face and said excitedly: “When it comes to homeless people, they have no fixed abode, but this no fixed abode is relative. Some wander around during the day, looking for food in trash cans. , sleeping in bridge holes at night. Some begged during the day and lived in abandoned houses at night. The task force ignored this and never thought about where he usually stayed. This mistake should not be made, because there were only corpses and nothing else at the scene. It’s impossible for him to pick up rags without a bag, and at least he has a bowl for begging. There is nothing at the scene, so where did those things go?”
Lao Yu found the subtle differences between wounds through photos and the information provided by the municipal bureau’s forensic doctor, and analy