he be my student under your tutelage!”

Before the four professors allowed David to change his major, they had already begun to argue over David’s new major and teaching rights.
They walked into Director Barry’s office noisily.
“Guys, David’s assessment is over, did he pass?” Director Barry saw the four professors and thought they were here to report on their work, so he asked with a smile.
“Director Barry, David should not be in the military major. He is a research talent and should be in the laboratory and the research institute!” Professor Shirazu said loudly.
/“Wait, so David’s test scores are very good?” Director Barry was a little confused by Professor Baibeard’s words, and asked after thinking for a while.
“Of course, can you believe it? I added a difficult topic that I am currently studying in the title. David didn’t even need time to think about it and solved it directly. Letting such talents go to the battlefield is a kind of A waste of resources, this is a crime against the Federation!” Professor Shiraizu became more and more excited as he spoke.
In the interstellar era, the improvement of education levels has allowed most people to get the education they deserve, but there are still very few geniuses who can reach the top, which is even less than the number of soldiers.
Ninety-nine percent of these top geniuses are geniuses in a single subject. It is extremely rare to reach the top in multiple subjects.
And David is just a freshman, but he has mastered multiple subjects to the extreme. This kind of genius is the best research talent.
But in fact, David only obtained the knowledge from the soul absorbed by Shadow Warrior. Unless there is a soul that possesses stronger relevant knowledge to absorb and fuse, his knowledge ability will only stop at this level.
Of course, David’s three master-level abilities, literature (91% perfect), mathematics (86% perfect), and comprehensive (84% perfect), were all obtained from top experts in the industry who went to Liulan Star for vacation. They just didn’t improve. It was enough for him to participate in research work.
It’s just that doing research work in the laboratory all day long is not what David wants.
“Director, I added a conceptual algorithm to the mathematics test paper. This is the most cutting-edge field of mathematics. David also solved it without any difficulty. Do you know what this means? There may be a new student in our college. Federal mathematician!” Another professor followed.
“Professors, I understand what you mean, but David chose the military major even though he had full marks in cultural scores during the college entrance examination. This was his own choice!” Director Barry reminded.
Director Barry didn’t want David to change his major at all. He asked David to do research and let a super-strong soldier with the title of “Invincible Military Class” sit in the office. This would not be of any benefit to Director Barry of the military department.
/Director Barry also thought that David could help the college gain a ranking in the f