trained/taught by him personally, and his “high standards” , the “strict requirements” are implemented meticulously and quite in place.

trained/taught by him personally, and his “high standards” , the “strict requirements” are implemented meticulously and quite in place.
Wang Bo’s visit this time was considered private and he didn’t call Tian Xin before coming. He said yesterday that he would come over for inspection on Sunday this week, but today is only the 14th, Tuesday, which is still very early for the weekend. Therefore, the details that he saw today that made him extremely satisfied were definitely not done by Tian Xin specifically for his inspection. They must have been consistent.
Tian Xin was cashing out when she suddenly caught a glimpse of Wang Bo, who was looking around like Grandma Liu visiting the Grand View Garden. She was a little surprised. She just told him yesterday to take time to come over on the weekend, but she didn’t expect that he would come today. She knew that the other party was going to have evening self-study tonight. Wang Bo skipped the evening self-study and rushed over in advance. Thinking of this, Tian Xin suddenly felt happy.
“I’m sorry, everyone should go to the three cashier counters next to them to order. Sorry, excuse me.” Tian Xin took out a “Cashier Suspended” sign from under the counter and placed it next to the cash register, and then asked the few people in line in front of him. The guest apologized, turned around and walked out of the front desk, towards the man who was still looking around.
/“Didn’t you say you’d only come on Sunday? Why did you come here today?” Tian Xin pursed her lips and smiled, and said to Wang Bo.
“You’re not welcome? Then I’m leaving.” Wang Bo followed the example of his girlfriend Liang Ya a few days ago and turned around to leave. Tian Xin was anxious, grabbed Wang Bo’s arm, and glared at Wang Bo, “Hey, you are like this?” ”
/Haha, I don’t want to leave.” Wang Bo chuckled, it was enough, Tian Xin was so angry Xin’s teeth were itching and he wanted to grab this “annoying” guy, but considering the current situation, he held back.
“Are you leaving? Who cares about your coming!” Tian Xin glanced sideways at Wang Bo and couldn’t help but want to laugh.
Woman, you really mean what you say!
The rice noodle shop is too noisy and there are not many seats. Under the big umbrella outside the store, there was an empty table at this time. When Tian Xin saw him, he asked Wang Bo to sit under the umbrella.
“You came here right after school? Do you want me to give you something to eat?” Tian Xin asked Wang Bo after sitting down.
“You’re not hungry yet! Let’s eat together when I invite you all to dinner later. I announced Jiang Mei’s appointment earlier.” Wang Bo shook his head.
“Okay! Once Jiang Mei is appointed, I can go to Deshi to inspect new stores.” Tian Xin said brightly. After becoming a partner of “Zengsao Rice Noodles”, she became even more motivated.
Jiang Mei discovered Wang Bo almost at the same time as Tian Xin. She didn’t know why, but the moment she saw Wang Bo, an uncontrollable longing wrapped her tightly around him. Jiang Mei looked around, trying