ome over, it can be solved easily. Two hundred points are allocated, plus the corpse of the ‘Golden Claw Bug’ is worth far more than one hundred points. It will be a once-in-a-lifetime task. A rewarding mission.

“Hold on a little longer, I’m contacting the rest of the groups!” Cotton said loudly, not wanting to give up.
Barham’s war hammer hit the shell of the ‘Golden Armored Pincer’ in front of him hard, creating a crack in the left back armor of the ‘Golden Armored Pincer’.
Enoch followed up with a war hammer, hoping to expand the victory.
It’s just that he miscalculated the reaction of the ‘Golden Pincer’ after being injured. The ‘Golden Pincer’ became even more furious because of the pain. It shrank its body and then jumped forward, just in time to get out of the way of Enoch’s blow. The moment Enoch was about to exert his strength, a pincer struck hard on the side of Enoch’s exoskeleton armor.
Enoch’s body flew straight out like a ball hit by a wooden stick.
/“Enoch!” exclaimed Barham.
At this time, the ‘Golden Pincer’ turned its attack target to Barham, who was the original culprit who injured it.
“Retreat, retreat quickly. If it doesn’t work, I’ll call for rescue!” Cotton ordered loudly.
Cotton didn’t want to call for rescue. Every time he called for rescue, he would receive 20% of the mission as a reward. This was also a method that the college did not want students to call for rescue at will when they were not in real danger.
Two hundred points plus the value of three ‘Golden Pincers’, once they call for rescue, their team’s efforts for several days will be in vain.
Manuel held a large shield and blocked the attack of the ‘Golden Pincer’ for Barham. He himself was attacked by two ‘Golden Pincer’ at the same time, and blood spit out from the corner of his mouth behind the visor.
Ada was the fastest. She stepped forward, picked up Enoch, and returned to the group. However, this delay also slowed down the group’s evacuation.
When the three ‘Golden Pincers’ saw the soldiers’ group trying to evacuate, they refused to give up. They let out howls of victory and attacked the soldiers’ group crazily.
The soldier team can only use a full defensive posture to shrink the battle formation to the minimum, but in doing so they lose the possibility of leaving.
Of course, if there is no chance to call for rescue, Cotton will not put all the team members in danger for a companion. There are teachings in this regard in the classroom. As a commander, Cotton knows very well how to deal with it.
According to the most correct method, when a military team faces danger, the most important thing to do is to take away the members who are able to move, rather than to bring all the members in to rescue the members.
Just when Cotton was about to call for help, David’s figure rushed into the battlefield.
“Classmate, can you give me this real-time task?” David asked Cotton.
When Cotton heard David’s words, he couldn’t help but be stunned. He didn’t quite understand what David meant.
“Don’t be ridiculous, we don’t have ti