ath, but he really didn’t want to fail to complete the secret method of building the foundation of the Hanshan Mountains, which was only one step away. , and then tortured the future headmaster Ye Xuancang for one or two hundred years.

“Let us, the older generation, cleanly solve the things left behind by our older generation. If even I can’t succeed, it means that this secret method is only theoretically deduced and perfected, and in fact it cannot be operated at all. Let Xuan Cang and the others swallow the Foundation Establishment Pill in the future, and don’t let the children suffer this torture again.” Closing his eyes slightly, thinking like this, Cang Hanzi finally made up his mind that he had been hesitating for a long time.
Chapter 623 Wherever the heart goes, God knows it
He spoke hoarsely and slowly said: “The secret method of foundation building does not have a last chance. If it is guided by the Yuan Yang Qi and blood of a foundation building master, I may not be able to guide the cold jade energy of Wanzai to complete my own foundation building. It’s possible, even if it doesn’t work, I will drag the great enemy of Hanshan City to hell. Only when the strength of the two parties is relatively balanced, can Hanshan and Blood Soul form a close alliance in this world of killings, not me. The tragic annexation of Hanshan Court is the last chance for me and the Hanshan family.”
/The moment Hanshan Ancestor made up his mind, almost at the same time, Zhu Peng shuddered inexplicably, and the hair on his body almost exploded, because a faint sense of crisis slowly spread in his heart.
Qin Yue, who was beside her, also saw the sudden change in Zhu Peng’s face. Not knowing why, she thought Zhu Peng saw some problem in the terms of the contract. When she lowered her head and looked down, she didn’t find anything strange. She was the owner of Qin’s. As the leader of the Chamber of Commerce for many years, if Zhu Peng can see the problem, there is no reason why she cannot see it.
“It’s not a problem with the contract itself, but I feel threatened, it seems, very scary.”
/Directly combining the documents in his hands, Zhu Peng closed his eyes and thought about the possible source of the crisis.
He is a strong man with balance in the five realms of heart, body, energy, technique, and energy. Not only does he have the keen perception of a person with a perfect mind, but he can also remember the sudden sense of crisis through the instinctive sensitivity of the body. This is He will never be like a person with a pure spiritual perfection who clearly feels the crisis and hostility, but because his body cannot remember it, he mistakenly thinks it is his own suspicion, and finally falls into a terrible death.
This is also one of the differences in perception between Immortal cultivators and Shinto strongmen. Immortal cultivators have a clear mind and can feel future crises, especially focusing on the murderous hostility of the enemy, and are keen to avoid dangerous areas.
The perception of a powerful Shinto man lies