Dragon God.”

After Zhu Peng’s inner words were finalized, the green light illuminated by the entire Qinglong Tower suddenly became ten times stronger, shrouding everyone around Zhu Peng, and at his feet, a complicated formation diagram gradually emerged. After Zhu Peng glanced at it, he directly copied it through the technique of water mirror. This is a moving magic circle that contains certain laws of time and space. Although it is biased towards Shintoism, it is still of great research value.
The moment Zhu Peng photocopied the magic circle, the cyan brilliance reached its peak, and finally completely dissipated. At the moment when the glorious light dissipated, Zhu Peng and his five people also disappeared without a trace. Only the entire Qinglong Tower remained. There was a faint cyan light, and in the dark and dim belly of Cang Yue Mountain, it suddenly seemed like a god.
After experiencing a period of topsy-turvy time and space changes, Zhu Peng had just come back to his senses when he saw a huge red scorpion leaping towards his natural face. He didn’t need to react, his instinctive energy ignited, and a faint purple light appeared. After the flames flickered, the giant red scorpion the size of a washbasin that made a jumping attack was directly burned into a puff of smoke.
Not to mention that after Zhu Peng stepped into the sky, he gradually developed the body-protecting magical power of Purple Qi Tianyi Jin. Zhu Peng’s powerful physical body was no longer something that this unscrupulous little beast could shake. It integrated the airway and body way. As the Purple Qi Tianyi Jin gradually took shape, a layer of hard and tough scales gradually grew under Zhu Peng’s skin, and his defensive power gradually disappeared from the body-protecting gas shield of the Soaring Realm. Zhu Peng’s physical body has never suffered any major injuries since he first mastered the technique, so his trump card is still a secret and no one knows about it.
Chapter 679: Camping in the Yellow Sand Tomb, plotting
After the unstable transmission from the Blue Dragon Tower, the group of people were a little confused and confused when they first landed. Zhu Peng, as the strongest among the five, was the first to regain his consciousness, and he easily burned and killed the incoming red giant scorpion.
/But when he looked around, he saw white blue sky, yellow sand, and red scorching sun. The terrible high temperature flowing in the air had exceeded the high temperature limit of ordinary deserts. Even when Zhu Peng took in and out of breath, he felt a deep feeling in his heart. A slight burning pain in between.
And that’s not all. As far as the eye could see, countless red giant scorpions with thick carapace roared towards them like armies on the rolling sea of ??sand. Zhu Peng stood up and saw an almost unbelievable scene.
/I saw those swarms of scorpions that seemed to be as formidable as a military army. Through the changes in formation, they gradually formed a group of words that could be straightened out, expressing the followi