n-level treasure. Now that the seal is broken, the entire Shura Gourd itself has the ability to It has great killing power.

The silver-gray iron sand spread and circulated like a sea, and under the pull of Zhu Peng’s true energy, it rushed towards ‘Lena’ as if it were spiritual. The ferocious and airtight offensive scared the opponent’s wits. Under such an offensive, Lena used her muscles and bones to slam into the wall behind her without even thinking. With the control ability of this demon, if she tried to give up Lena’s body, she would break through the wall forcefully. Escape is not impossible.
It can also be seen from this that Zhu Peng, who owned the Shura Gourd at this time, brought much oppression to this guy. He actually didn’t even dare to fight and test, and he just wanted to escape.
With a dull “bang” sound, Lena used her swollen back muscles to smash through the wall behind her, but it failed to escape successfully. On the contrary, there was actually a layer of silver-gray iron sand covering the mezzanine of the wall. , in the slow flow and fluctuation, the impact force of Lena’s whole body was consumed. If it didn’t stop like this, the iron sand formed a rotating and stirring iron vortex as if it was spiritual, pulling Lena, trying to pull her away a little bit. Eat into it bit by bit.
“It’s really stupid. You just disturbed my mind with your self-described words. Now I’m going to tell you the origin of my treasure. How could you not be prepared? After just delaying, now the whole room has been infiltrated by me. Iron sand, monster, prepare to die.”
As soon as the true energy circulation talisman was tied, Zhu Peng channeled his will into the spiritual weapon Shura Gourd. There were faint blue mantras flowing on the iron sand that spurted out, and his power and control increased. , this is the amazing fit between Zhu Peng and this Shura gourd. The circling iron sand instantly wrapped Lena into a big iron ball. As Zhu Peng turned around, the big iron sand ball suddenly shrank and compressed.
“Cry, scream, and then die, Iron Sand, Buried by Burst.”
“Bang, quack, quack.” At the moment when the big ball of iron sand exploded, Lena’s body suddenly exploded first, and a black shadow like a jet-black streamer sprang out from the head of the girl ‘Lena’, carrying A gust of black wind and rapidity shot towards Zhu Peng’s figure like an arrow.
“If you destroy one of my bodies, I will take one from you. It’s fair.”
This crow-like cannibal demon actually exploded Lena’s body at the moment Zhu Peng cast a spell to explode the iron sand, and then rushed out through the slight gap to kill Zhu Peng. It’s a pity that Zhu Peng is waiting for it quietly with a look of indifference and hatred.
/“If I don’t force you out and kill you, I’m afraid Lena’s soul won’t be able to rest in peace in the underworld.”
Brilliant golden brilliance suddenly flowed, and a bright talisman appeared on Zhu Peng’s left hand. He quickly met the demon. In just a blink of an eye, the talisman was wrapped around the demon’s body and s