u Tianji shook his head helplessly. It seemed that because others had been grabbing him and shouting to kill him for a long time, Chu Tianji gradually began to lose interest in the war. Think about it, because of the characteristics of the Nine Yang Divine Art, no matter what Whether he is stronger or weaker than his opponent, he basically has to fight one hundred and eighty times before the winner can be determined. If this makes him more and more enthusiastic as he fights, then it can only be said that Chu Tianji has a mental illness and gradually becomes a “sufferer”. “The more he is attacked by others, the more pleasure he feels.

Just when Chu Tianji was filled with emotion, Xu Yiyi on the opposite side spoke: “As for me, I just want my senior sister Xiao Longnv. Just give her to me and I will turn around and leave. How about it?” Xu Yiyi, who was backed by two masters, was holding the battle. Yiyi only felt that she had given extremely generous conditions, and even Chu Tianji felt moved after hearing these words. Unfortunately, Xu Yiyi made a mistake. The one who was really in charge here was not Chu Tianji.
“Hey, let’s be honest here, don’t make it so exaggerated, okay?”
/After hearing Xu Yiyi’s suggestion, Chu Tianji was moved to convey his memory to Zhu Peng, but he didn’t know how far Zhu Peng had “progressed” since he returned with the beauty that day, so he couldn’t directly confess to Xiao Longnu. If that lively beauty has become Zhu Peng’s love object, then Chu Tianji will easily make Zhu Bajie look in the mirror and not be human inside and out.
/Chu Tianji’s message did not receive a response. A moment later, when he turned his head and saw Zhu Peng’s eyes, Chu Tianji knew something was wrong. At this moment, Zhu Peng’s eyes reflected an almost substantive fighting spirit, and the blazing light of the sun almost blinded Chu Tianji’s 24K gold dog eyes. How could Xu Yiyi know that if she were not incarnate? Giving alms, he attracted the two backers behind him. Only she, a coquettish female cultivator, came to ask for help. Zhu Peng was impatient and probably gave it to her with some conditions, but Xu Yiyi brought two strong men and forced her to do it. Zhu Peng’s murderous intention was aroused all the time. With his temper, he could not contain his murderous intention. Not only was this battle inevitable, but the fight would also be extremely tragic.
“Let’s start enjoying the most intense part of life, between life and death.”
Faced with Xu Yiyi’s proposal and Chu Tianji’s exploration, Zhu Peng’s answer was to directly draw the sword out of its sheath. The Qingcheng Mountain ancient sword “Song” was originally so sharp that even a blind man could feel the awe-inspiring power from a long distance away. “Pattern” has now been tempered repeatedly by Zhu Peng many times. The sword’s edge and brilliance are now completely hidden on the purple sword, and the compelling sharpness has gradually become ordinary, without any sense of sharpness and danger. But when Zhu Peng met him with a sword in one hand, Xu