was not smooth. Just after escaping, the three monks were targeted by a group of powerful monsters. It would only be one or two, but look at the ghostly beasts. Countless green wolf eyes surrounded the three of them. The three monks, including Zhu Peng, felt their scalps explode and their limbs became numb.

A snow-white giant wolf that looked like a calf slowly walked out of the dense cold forest shrubs. Its huge body did not bring it much discomfort. It seems that this monster has become quite accustomed to the terrain of the cold forest. With the ecology, it means that it is not easy for Zhu Peng and the others to escape from the group of monsters in front of them.
“Huh, things have been going so well lately, I’m just a little too lax.” He sighed slowly. As long as Zhu Peng, who possesses the Purple Soul Sky Eye, is careful enough, he can completely avoid any ambush and sneak attack by enemies with a similar cultivation level to him. Although these snow wolves in front of him are all good in individual strength and are good at hiding, their strength does not exceed Zhu Peng’s burden limit after all. With such a comparison of strength, Zhu Peng was still ambushed and made dumplings by them, then It’s really no one else’s fault.
/“Master Priest, they don’t seem to have any intention of fighting us. Look over there.” Following Mu Feng’s guidance, Zhu Peng looked sideways and saw several giant wolves with white fur slowly emerging from the darkness in the forest. They walked out everywhere, each holding a long-armed monster ape in its mouth. Then they walked straight to Zhu Peng, shook their mouths, and threw the long-armed monster ape in front of Zhu Peng. This was not a provocative gesture. In the words of the monster snow wolf, if there is hostility, then the most correct form of expression is to come directly to kill and besiege. They do not have the dark ability of humans to hide their swords in their smiles.
Moreover, Zhu Peng knew these gibbon monster apes. They lived in a grand canyon, and Zhu Peng discovered a mature seven-leaf Ganoderma lucidum grass through the far-sightedness of Zipo Tianjing. Although the number was not large, this Planting spiritual grass is one of the few rare elixirs that can be used to break through the bottleneck of the foundation-building realm. It is said that the ancient secret foundation-building pill contains its ingredients.
But trying to get this thing under the eyes of the over a thousand gibbon monster apes in the entire canyon, even with Zhu Peng’s strength and scheming, is tantamount to suicide. Their fighting power may not be stronger than the round gem pigs, and they don’t have the cold lake food. The human-monster fish have such a terrible geographical advantage, but their natural escape skills are really terrible. Once they can’t be defeated, they basically can’t run away. Let monks like Mu Yi Mu Feng be used as bait, which is simply letting them go. die.
Therefore, even though it was a pity, Zhu Peng decisively gave up those seven-leaf Ganoderma lucidum grass.