bove Zerg in the battle on the surface of the battle star. It is up to the Interstellar Federation to deal with it. If it is unable to deal with it, it can ask for help from the powerful people in the divine world.

But once the Zerg above level three appear, they will be dealt with by the strong men of the divine world.
But a few days ago, the fourth-level Zerg ‘Titan Black Beetle’ almost rushed into the defense line, and the strong men from the divine world did not come forward.
If David and the two extraordinarys hadn’t delayed for a while, allowing the military department to negotiate with the Divine World, and the Divine World forced the war fortress to send troops for support, the defense line would have been destroyed by now.
So at this moment, Babington’s extraordinary meaning is obvious. If he encounters this situation again, he will divert the disaster eastward and directly let the war castle of the divine world stand in front.
You must know that the defense line of the Interstellar Federation is movable. As long as it shrinks behind the war fortress, it can force the strong men of the divine world to come forward.
Of course, the Divine World also gave a reply. The owner of the war fortress was not in the fortress at that time, and his combat power was not enough to 100% repel the ‘Titan Black Beetle’, so he did not go to war.
“Okay!” David nodded.
David left quickly and met with Lieutenant Mawson and six soldiers who had been waiting on the ‘Deathwing’ assault ship. The ‘Deathwing’ assault ship flew away from the base headquarters and flew towards the defense line.
Twenty kilometers away, halfway through the flight, Second Lieutenant Mohsen suddenly discovered that an abnormal signal was connected.
“Help, help!” Lieutenant Mawson turned on the signal, and a cry for help immediately came from the ‘Deathwing’ assault ship.
/“Major, someone is asking for help. The location is five kilometers off course, right here!” Lieutenant Mohsen opened the map on the light screen and made a mark on it.
On the battle star, there is only one enemy and that is the Zerg.
The Zerg will never imitate humans calling for help and setting traps. At least in the many years of war with the Zerg, this has never happened.
But David has experienced many attacks, and he will predict the worst for any accident.
“Lieutenant Mohsen, play the sound again!” David ordered in a deep voice.
“Yes!” Lieutenant Mawson didn’t understand why David didn’t go to the rescue immediately. Instead, he asked for a replay, but as an adjutant, he must carry out the order.
The cry for help came from the ‘Deathwing’ assault ship again, and this time David listened to the cry for help very seriously.
David has a rarely used ability, ‘Master Negotiator’. This ability has special judgment on human voices and can hear many things from the voices.
In this voice, David heard panic, guilt, and hypocrisy, but he did not hear the emotions of being in danger.
“Ask for the other party’s identity!” David continued to order.
“Major, the other party may