the Ape King himself seeking death.

This matter has nothing to do with her now.
/Inside Haojing City
After Zhang Jian returned, he placed the nine-foot-long boulder on the dragon’s veins and built a magnificent earth altar on the dragon’s veins to facilitate the innate spiritual stone to absorb the essence of the sun and the moon and the stars to shape it.
There are dragon souls around here, as well as the legal protection of Huangting Blessed Land, so Zhang Jian is not worried at all.
In the Temple of Earth Palace, several figures were looking at the nine-foot-long boulder on the altar in the center of the palace from afar.
The nine-foot-long boulder exudes a spiritual light that seems to be materialized on the altar.
The spirit-gathering formation around the Ditan Palace has been fully activated. The stars in the sky and the spiritual ideas of heaven and earth continue to pour into this nine-foot-long boulder with the spirit gathering formation. It is like a bottomless pit, absorbing many spiritual ideas of heaven and earth and the brilliance of stars. Absorb it cleanly.
Vaguely, strands of light like frost and snow clung to the nine-foot-high boulder.
“The aura is restrained, and the traces of the avenue are deep. The most mysterious thing is the tempering of Qi and blood contained in this innate spiritual stone. This seems to contain the mystery of the avenue of immortality. Every time the fetal heart beats, Qi and blood transform, and even With each breath and breath, there is tremendous power, which can mobilize the spiritual power of heaven and earth, transform it into qi, blood and body, and feed it back to itself.”
“The bodies of innate gods and demons in myths and rumors are probably nothing more than this!”
At this time, the four figures all looked highly praised.
These four figures are naturally none other than others.
But the four spiritual beasts including Fengling, Bai Nu, Bai Xianyin, and Little White Turtle.
After bringing this innate spirit stone back, Zhang Jian gave them some authority over the four spirits, allowing them to approach this place to understand the innate mysteries.
Once the spirit of shortcuts bred in the innate spirit stone is born, it must have the body of the innate gods and demons, and a body that is born with longevity. If you can understand the way to strengthen the opponent’s body, it will be like getting a path to the ancient gods and demons. shortcut.
Especially the guardians of the Four Spirits were originally descendants of the Four Spirits.
Fengling’s eyes were glowing with golden light at this time, and her eyes were undulating. At this time, she had something in her mind, so she simply sat on the futon in the south and understood it directly.
Bai Xianyin and Bai Gui also found their respective directions.
Bai Nu was also amazed at this moment.
Even he had only heard of this kind of innate stone fetus in rumors, but had never actually seen it.
He thought about it and decided to understand it first.
He is about to transform into a dragon. If he can u