ely gorgeous and plump beautiful women walking out of the palace palace behind him, each wearing luxurious and graceful palace clothes.

This palace dress is elegant and elegant, but the front part of the dress is slightly lower, which cannot hide the fair and jade-like skin.
/“Mother, what is this?”
Zhang Jian glanced at the queen, pretending not to know.
The queen said calmly.
“Your Majesty, Yu Yao and Qu Lian have always been members of my palace. They have been following me since they were thirteen or fourteen years old. Now that they are old and unable to leave the palace, your Majesty may as well give them a favor. Save other people from worrying about it.”
She made a double entendre.
Zhang Jian was speechless when he heard this and looked at the queen.
“I never thought that the Queen would become more generous once she changed!”
The Queen snorted softly upon hearing this.
“Have I always been stingy?”
Zhang Jian smiled when he saw this.
“Of course not. Your Majesty has always been virtuous and generous, and everything in the family is handled in an orderly manner. If it weren’t for your virtuous Madam, who took care of the Zhang family’s housework clearly for my husband, I, the Zhang family, might not be able to flip through the numbers so quickly. Climb the big mountain in one step!”
Zhang Jian tried his best to pick up some good-sounding songs to comfort the queen.
There were a lot of trivial matters in the court at this time, and Zhang Jian did not stay here much.
After the expedition was successful, he still needed to draw up a list of rewards. The rewards for each general must be appropriate and appropriate.
The most important thing to avoid in military use is unclear rewards and punishments, and uneven distribution of spoils!
At this time, looking at Zhang Jian’s hurried away figure, the smile in the queen’s beautiful eyes disappeared slightly, and her eyes were more complicated and sighing.
Becoming the mother of this country is indeed a blessing or a curse for her.
But the queen quickly adjusted her mentality.
The emperor already had a Bai family, so it didn’t have much impact on her.
What’s more, after having been with Zhang Jian for more than 20 years, her position in the imperial court has been unshakable.
Half a month later, the expeditionary army returned triumphantly. The imperial court sent many important civil and military ministers, as well as the second prince Zhang Zhao, to personally go to the gate of the imperial city to greet the soldiers on behalf of the Great Xia Emperor.
At this moment, the lively atmosphere in Haojing City once again reached its peak.
Three years passed by like a fleeting moment.
Three years have passed since Beichu was destroyed and Daxia regained the northern land.
With three years to recuperate, Daxia’s national power became stronger day by day.
At the beginning of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the politics were clear and clear. In addition, the emperor of Daxia spent great efforts to inspect the land and eliminate corrupt