the depths of the void. The color in his eyes changed. He threw the custom-made Imperial Master Seal in front of him to Emperor Chu, and his body transformed into a black light and disappeared.

After leaving the palace, the ancestor of Sanxiang slowly breathed a sigh of relief, and he felt that the oppression deep in his heart gradually disappeared.
But in an instant, his expression suddenly changed, and he saw behind him that the situation above Guangyuan City changed. A terrifying hand poked out from the sea of ??clouds and headed directly towards Beichu Imperial City to catch it.
In the void, Zhang Jian’s figure appeared out of thin air.
As a great master of the soul who has set foot on the Holy King’s Road, he naturally has a unique way of attacking cities.
Facing an ordinary emperor who is not on the path of the Holy King, he can directly destroy the opponent’s dragon veins and dragon souls.
There is no need for a battle of wits and courage similar to that on an ordinary battlefield.
Just kill the big dragon directly and leave the other stragglers to the other generals of the imperial court.
Chapter 366 National Fortune Lingbao
At the same time, Zhang Jian solidified his spiritual consciousness and swept across the void, reflecting the Beichu Palace. He noticed that the demon practitioners in the Beichu Palace had disappeared.
It seems that Wangfeng has fled!
Zhang Jian thought to himself, these mature Yuanshen Masters are all very cunning.
But he wasn’t surprised either.
/After all, there are still people who can’t escape!
He grasped it with his giant palm, and the light and shadow of five red dragons flowed deep in his palm, vaguely covering the magnificent golden light of Northern Chu’s national destiny that happened to rush up.
In the palace, Emperor Chu Huanxuan raised his head in an instant, only to see a majestic golden dragon rising into the sky behind his back. But in an instant, the dying Golden Dragon of National Fortune was torn into pieces under countless red dragon claws.
Zhang Jian raised his hand and grabbed it.
Boom! !
The entire sky seemed to be collapsing and tearing apart under the giant red palm.
A doomsday-like scene filled the world.
Under the giant palm, the entire Beichu Imperial Palace collapsed.
This was not a confrontation of magnitude at all. Zhang Jian tore through the void between his hands, and a moment later a figure wearing a red and yellow dragon robe was caught in his hand.
Huan Xuan’s clothes were stained with blood and he passed out.
The Dragon Soul of National Fortune was torn into pieces, and he was hit hard immediately.
Zhang Jian grabbed Huan Xuan, and his faint voice spread throughout Guangyuan City.
“I am Zhang Jian, the emperor of Great Xia, and now the puppet emperor Huan Xuan of Northern Chu has been captured alive by me. If you rebel ministers of Northern Chu know the destiny, you should not even think about resisting the army of Great Xia, follow my great Xia Chang, and go against me. Those who surrender to the city will perish; those who